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Consultation Process

If you need assistance, advice or training in the use of technology for teaching and learning, the first step might be to request a consultation with one of our Educational Technologists. If you need to learn about topics related to Moodle, Learnscape, Accessibility, OERs, etc... this is the place to start! There is no charge for this service and it's open for all ESC employees.

Faculty - Ed Tech Partnerships

photo of Alan Mandell
Dr. Alan Mandell

"How can we more effectively and meaningfully connect with our students, whatever mode in which our mentoring takes place? We’re always challenged to enhance the quality of our engagement with them—inching--in the best way we can--into dialogue. I appreciate the opportunity that LEARNscape provides to encourage connection and to do it rather simply. Home-movies at their best; the possibility of flexibly adding another dimension to our communications; and the captioning feature means even more access. A simple tool—even for a novice like myself; it will be interesting to find out how useful these little videos are for our students."

- Dr. Alan Mandell

Ed Tech Workshops

To join any of our workshops, please reach out to your Educational Technologist for further information.

Universal Design for Learning is a series of guidelines that enable development of learning modules that are accessible to all students. In this webinar, Shaun Hoppel and Allison Moreland, Educational Technologists, will explore best practices in Universal Design as you consider your blended courses.

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This session will take ESC Faculty through the steps that create course content rich in multimedia. Shaun Hoppel and Mike Fortune, will take viewers through creating video using our CaptureSpaceFull application and then adding this video, among different ways, in the Moodle LMS. Also, viewers will be shown how students can utilize video for assessment as well.

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You use PowerPoint in your face-to-face classroom - why not use it in your blended classroom as well?  In this webinar, Educational Technologist Norana Cantrell will go through various ways that you can use PowerPoint with your Moodlerooms shell, as well as some of the features in PowerPoint that are particularly useful for the blended classroom.

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“Mobile accessibility" refers to making websites and applications more accessible to people with disabilities when they are using mobile phones and other devices.

This webinar addresses accessibility issues of people using a broad range of devices to interact with the web, including phones and tablets, digital TVs, and wearables such as smart watches.

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