Educational Technology Resources


Support services offered by the Educational Technology team.

Knowledge Base

A collection of instructional documents covering a range of technology used at ESC and relevant to your role.

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Service Requests

Submit a request for things like Moodle course pours, consultation with an EdTech, or submit a request to have your ESC technology fixed.

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Educational Technology Tools

Resources regarding educational technology tools that are used and supported by the Educational Technology team.

Faculty Sites

ESC’s website hosting platform open to all faculty and teaching staff who desire to enhance their online presence and exposure.  Faculty and teaching staff can have their own easy to remember URL at sites like

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LEARNscape is ESC's media platform that enables students, faculty, and staff, to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video. For faculty, LEARNscape makes sharing video with students an easy and seamless process. Directly from Moodle, you can create webcam vieos, screen capture videos, or upload existing video content. You can also assign your students a video project and caption your videos to meet ADA compliance.

Some possible uses of video in your course may be:

  • Record your computer screen while explaining a difficulty assignment or demanding rubric
  • Use a webcam to create a video that introduces yourself and your expectaions to your students
  • Create a video to deliver course content that can be enhanced by relevant images and animations
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SUNY Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP)

TOEP is an on-demand discovery learning initiative to help faculty explore new technologies or web tools, and to learn how to use them in their courses.

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Open Education Resources (OERs)

Education materials in the public domain meaning they can be freely used.

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Learning Modalities

Resource information regarding different learning modalities employed by Empire State College.

Academic Research Network

ARN is a server for virtual machines allowing faculty to give their students access to software remotely.

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Active Learning

Active Learning is a student-centered approach to learning that emphasizes the students’ engagement and activity in the pursuit of knowledge. Empire State College is installing Active Learning classrooms across the state which is a physical classroom designed to promote active and collaborative learning. Compared to the traditional classroom, active learning classrooms include rounded tables known as technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) tables that serve as group workstations instead of individual student desks.

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Immersive Cloud Learning (ICL)

ICL is a way to broadcast a course from one location (source room) to students in other locations (destination rooms). For example, a faculty mentor in Manhattan can simultaneously teach a course in art history – in real time – to students in Staten Island and Rochester. Immersive telepresence system for remote synchronous classes.

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Competency-based education that is designed to teach a specific skill set, such as Object Oriented Programming, Systems Design, and Data Management. Courses are being developed to support prior learning assessment in a variety of topics and delivered via KnowHow.

Resources / Support Documents

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