December 7, 2017

Changes to How Your IT ServiceNow Incident Is Managed

Information Technology Services has enhanced the ServiceNow incident management process to improve service to the college community.

Effectively immediately, our IT technicians will no longer “close” an incident. Upon providing you with the resolution or best work around to your technical issue, your incident will now be “resolved”. The option to close your Incident is now your decision based upon your satisfaction with the resolution provided. When your incident is marked as “resolved” by an IT technician, you will receive a notification email with your resolution information and a link to log into ServiceNow, where you can accept or reject the solution.

  • Accepting the Resolution: Once you feel the solution provided resolves your incident, accepting the resolution will permanently close your incident. The incident can be reopened for 1 hour after it is closed, in the event of an accidental closure. After that hour passes, a new incident will need to be opened if there is still an issue.
  • Rejecting the Resolution: If the resolution provided is not sufficient, rejecting the resolution will keep your incident open and return it to an Active state for IT technicians to address. When you reject the solution, there will be a requirement to let us know what did not work and to provide additional information so the IT technician can respond quickly and resolve the incident.
  • No Response to a Resolution: If you do not accept or reject the resolved incident, you will receive an email notification on the fifth day as a reminder to review the resolution provided. After 10 days of no response, the incident will automatically close.

Occasionally, a technician will request additional information about your issue via an incident email notification. At this time, your incident is set to “Awaiting User Info”. Currently, you respond to this request, either by logging into ServiceNow and accessing your incident directly, or simply replying to the email notification. When you send a response, your incident is placed back into Active state and the assigned technician is notified.

  • If you are unable to respond within 5 days, a reminder email will be sent to you.
  • If you do not respond after 10 days, the incident will automatically close.

We are looking forward to these enhancements delivering improved communication and engagement through the life cycle of your incident.

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact the Service Desk at 888-435-7009 (888-HELP-009) or at

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