Password and Information Security Practices at Empire State College

  • Empire State College personnel will not initiate a call, email or otherwise contact you to ask for your login or password. Therefore, you should not give your password to anyone requesting it, except if needed to assist you in using our services.
  • If you call or email with difficulty using a portion of our web site, Empire State College personnel will try every possible method to assist you without asking for your password.
  • In the rare case that an Empire State College employee does ask for your password in order to assist you in using our services, note the following:
    • the request will only take place over the phone and
    • the person assisting you will inform you how to change your password.
  • We strongly recommend that you change your password at the very least every 6 months and anytime you suspect it is no longer private, for example after providing it to Empire State College personnel for troubleshooting purposes.
  • We strongly discourage sending your password or other personally identifiable information in email over the public Internet. Make sure any Empire State College websites you provide this information to are securing the transaction (note the "padlock" icon at the bottom of your browser window).


rev. 8/29/05

IT Service Desk

888-Help-009 (888-435-7009)

IT Service Desk Quick Start Guide (PDF 766kB)

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