Important Notice About the Smarthinking Online Tutoring Service

Empire State College has a contract for tutoring services through Note that this is Smarthinking with only one "T".

An unofficial site has been launched ( -- notice the two "T"'s) which prompts individuals to enter their credit card information. Students should ONLY utilize the site, or go through the college's Smarthinking portal at

The real site has this logo: Smarthinking Logo

Students will NEVER need to enter their credit card information while using Smarthinking's services. Students should contact Kelly Hermann (; 518 587-2100 x2201) directly if they have any questions or concerns about a credit card or if they have been prompted to use a credit card at any time.

The college has already reached out to its account representative at Smarthinking about this issue. Additionally, revised language will emphasize this difference on Empire State College's website.