Peer Tutor Program Forms

NOTE: If you are unable to open a file on this page, please contact to have a copy sent to you.

Forms for Tutees

Request a Tutor/Coach (Form is required before a tutor/coach is assigned):  Peer Tutor/Academic Coach Request (file 45kB)

Mid-term Feedback:  Mid-Term Tutee Feedback Form.rtf (file 191kB)

Tutoring/Coaching has been completed: Tutee Feedback Form.rtf (file 168kB)

Forms for Peer Tutors/Academic Coaches/Course Assistants

Description of Responsibilities (Signature required):

Application if interested in becoming a peer tutor/academic coach/course assistant:  ‌Peer Tutor Application ADA (PDF 37kB)

Referral/Approval Form for instructor to complete (required for every tutored course): referral-approval form ADA (PDF 241kB)

Tutee's Progress ‌(required bi-weekly status on students progress): Tutee Progress Report.rtf (file 142kB)

Assignment has been fulfilled: Tutor Feedback Form.rtf (file 168kB)