Academic Research

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed when a mentor asks you to complete a research paper?  Good news!  Searching for academic research, organizing your resources, and citing them correctly has just gotten a bit easier.  Check out these resources and find many tips and strategies that will make preparation of your next paper a more efficient process.

Empire State College Writing Center

  • Academic Research Writing The Empire State College Writing Center contains a comprehensive set of resources designed to guide you through the steps in writing a research paper. Use this site if you have a research paper to write or to preview resources available to you for future use.

Empire State College's Online Library Resources

  • Help Doing Research The Empire State College Online Library Web site has resources available to you that have been specifically designed for Empire State College students. These resources include quick tips for new users and specialized topics such as how to write a literature review and how to prepare an annotated bibliography.
  • Online Study in Information Literacy This online study was created by Empire State College librarians to provide you with an overview of all phases of selecting, locating, evaluating, and using information. This site contains nine modules on specific aspects of information literacy.

For additional support with academic research, please contact the director of academic support in your region.

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