Time Management

Juggling family, friends, careers, hobbies and academics can be a complex and delicate process. Use the resources below to help you learn ways to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Interactive Time Management Activities – Louisiana State University's Center for Academic Success provides self-paced online workshops. This workshop discusses how to incorporate time management into all aspects of your life. Click on Guest Entry, then Time Management to begin the activity. Please note: you may need to enable cookies or Java Script. If this is necessary, you will receive a prompt.
  • Time Management Obstacles – George Washington University's Academic Success Center provides suggestions to overcome the obstacles of over-scheduling and distractibility.
  • Procrastination – Cal Poly's Academic Skills Center provides a brief overview of procrastination and tips to prevent it.
  • Additional Videos on Time Management – This link leads to McMaster University's Academic Skills video list. Videos are available in a variety of formats: Flash, Windows Media, Quick Time and iPod Video. We recommend watching the videos under the Just Enough Time Management and Tactical Motivation and Procrastination Avoidance headings. You will need to scroll down the page to find these headings.

For additional support with time management or procrastination, please contact the director of academic support at your location.

If you have links to time management or procrastination resources that you would like to share or suggestions for improving this Web site, please send them to learning.support@esc.edu.

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