Session 4

12:30 p.m.

Session 4 | Presentations | 12:30pm

Stephen Gareau - SUNY Buffalo State

Ruth Xiaoqing Guo - SUNY Buffalo State

Using action research and ethnography, we identified and developed a toolbox of teaching and learning tools, technologies, and practices that could be applied when science courses, such as environmental science, and English are being taught simultaneously to students in China and elsewhere. The results of this research could be useful for (a) helping instructors to effectively design and deliver their instructional messages to such students, and (b) helping students learn difficult technical content in an enjoyable and effective manner. We concluded that English proficiency seems to be the number one factor for academic success or failure among international students when learning complex technical content, and there are a variety of helpful teaching and learning strategies and technologies available to support such students.

Target Audience: Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: Instructional Design

Rusty Nye - UBTECH Education

Julie Tuten - Instructional Design Manager

UBTECH Education will focus on the emerging field of artificial intelligence and the importance of preparing students for an AI-driven world. Using AI4K12's Five Big Ideas in AI: Perception, Representation & Reasoning, Learning, Natural Interaction, and Societal Impact as a framework for the discussion, this session will provide practical ideas to make AI relevant and approachable for students with UBTECH's new comprehensive AI curriculum and real-world applications. Participants will join UBTECH instructors in coding a UKIT robot that utilizes facial recognition to control a robotic arm.

Target Audience: Grades K-12

Conference Strand: STEM/AI

Carol LaRow - Educational Technology Consulting and SUNY Albany, School of Education 

There's more to Google than the searches and tools you've been using. Google Chrome has many lesser-known dynamic, powerful information gathering tools and interactive elements that make finding information, doing research, and accessing topics on the internet easier. Find exactly what you are looking for and use Google more effectively. These features are perfect for anyone--teachers, administrators, students, etc.--and help eliminate the frustration of sorting through millions of hits. Educators can use them to assist students as they do research and develop internet literacy. Participants will also see features and tools they can use for their jobs or personal productivity. No prior experience needed to attend this session. 

Target Audience: Grades K-12, Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: eLearning

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Laurie Guyon - WSWHE BOCES

We will take this time to reexamine our teaching practices in regards to the physical classroom setup, instructional planning, student learning, and assessments.  We will examine these four areas and how they can define what we do and how we use our classroom time.

Target Audience: Grades K-12, Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: Instructional Design

Jason Webb - Syracuse University

Extended Reality (XR) is not the wave of the future for education, it is already here. K-12 and higher ed have already started reshaping how the classroom looks and feels through the immersive use of XR technologies and innovation. In this session, you will learn about how XR can be utilized in your classrooms along with how you can quickly get up and running in a Virtual Reality classroom. If you have never experienced XR, this will be a great introduction to how exciting XR technology is and how it can be used in education. You will walk out of this session with your own ready to use, virtual reality classroom.

Target Audience: Grades K-12, Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: eLearning

Eileen O’Connor - Empire State College

Join this workshop to plan a STEM and/or STEAM project that builds towards a challenging, interdisciplinary venture. Multiple instructional pathways, approaches, and resources will be considered and shared online.     Resources assembled over the past 10 years by the instructor related to education-developed STEM/STEAM projects will be available, including augmented reality, mapping, GPS, coding, arts, science/math, VR, and much more. Leave with a STEM/STEAM project framework that should be interesting, sustainable, and scalable.

Target Audience: Grades K-12, Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: STEM/Emerging Technologies

Peter McDermott  - Pace University

Kathleen Gormley - The Sage Colleges

Effective teaching requires students to be actively engaged and involved in classroom learning activities. These qualities are essential in all classroom pedagogies, and especially now with the increased use of remote teaching during the pandemic. In this presentation, we compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Flipgrid and VoiceThread--two technologies designed to actively involve students in acquiring, constructing, and sharing knowledge--with a special emphasis on using these platforms for developing students’ literacies. In this presentation, we compare and contrast these two widely used online platforms by identifying their ease of use, their advantages and disadvantages for interactive learning, and their application for project-based and constructivist learning activities.

Target Audience: Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: Remote Learning (COVID Response)

Ed Finney - Maple Hill Jr/Sr High School

Imagine a classroom with 100% participation, students are engaged in critical inquiry, excited about learning and empowered to participate. Learn how technology and Nearpod's interactive features transformed my student's learning. The session will help attendees discover how they can transform student's learning through the use of Nearpod's interactive hands-on lesson content with features such as Virtual Reality experiences, 3-D Objects, Sways, Polls, Drawing activities. Easily upload your existing PowerPoints and Slides into Nearpod and let the magic happen! All attendees will sign up for a free Nearpod account and will receive a free 3-month upgrade for a premium account. 

Target Audience: Grades K-12, Post-Secondary

Conference Strand: How to/Integration