Faculty in the Long Island Region

Long Island is fortunate to have a faculty with a wide variety of specialties and interests. Some of our faculty were founding members of Empire State College. Students enrolled at any of the Long Island locations can study with mentors in their home location as well as at any of the other locations.

Old Westbury

Melinda Blitzer

Kevin Brown

Donna Gaines

Ivan Ivanov

Bert Jablon

Mike Krolick

Judith Kugel

Jeffrey Lambe

Donald Nicosia

Leah Perry

David Quay

Ian Reifowitz

Barbarie Rothstein

Matt Schmidt

Michael Spitzer

Jeff Sussman

Amy Ruth Tobol

Joseph Welfeld


Ann Becker

Frances Boyce

Philip deCarolis

Ernest Defalco

Marianne Giardini

Ivan Ivanov

Barbara Kantz

Mindy Kronenberg

Donald Nicosia

Daniel Osborne

David Quay

Toni Raiten-D'Antonio

Jim Robinson

Matt Schmidt

Ed Todd

Erin Young


Ann Becker

Rob Cohen

Russell Gusack

Mindy Kronenberg

Dorothea Lipari