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Add-Drop Information

Guidelines for the drop/add period:

  • The drop/add period begins after a student officially registers for the term and extends through 5 p.m. (Eastern time) on the first Friday of the term. After that period the only way to drop a study is to submit a withdrawal form.
  • A student may drop one or more of their studies/courses during this period and receive a reduction in tuition charges based on the current withdrawal policy. After the term starts, the college and student activity fees are nonrefundable.
  • A student may modify an existing registration, add or replace a study (if available) with no late registration fee.
  • The student is responsible for any additional tuition and fees that arise from an increase in the number of credits in the enrollment, and payment is due on the normal schedule for that term. See "Dates and Deadlines" on the MyESC homepage for links to the term schedules.
  • If the add/drop occurs during late registration or during the first week of the term, any additional charges must be paid at the time of the registration change.
  • If a student has dropped all of his or her classes prior to the term's official start date, there is no add/drop period. Students must re-register (if during regular or late registration periods) and pay according to the normal schedule for that term. See "Dates and Deadlines" on the MyESC homepage for links to the term schedules.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, and once the term has officially started you drop courses without adding replacement courses, or withdraw from any or all of your courses, your financial aid may be adversely affected. For more information, please see the college’s official withdrawal policy or contact the Financial Aid Office.

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