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Registration Planning Checklist

The opportunity to individually design a degree at Empire State College carries with it a special need for care and consultation in planning each term of enrollment. The following checklist highlights some of the key steps and considerations in preparing to register.

I have discussed my enrollment plans with my primary mentor
In selecting a study for the upcoming term, I have carefully considered:
How the study fits into my approved degree plan, or how it may fit into my overall degree if I do not yet have an approved plan.
Whether I need the study to fulfill a general education requirement.
Whether I need the study to be at the advanced (upper division) level, as compared to the introductory level. (This consideration does not apply to students seeking an associate degree.)
Whether the study needs to be in the liberal arts and sciences.
The number of credits the study needs to be.
Whether the study duplicates another course I have already taken, a possible request for prior learning credit, or another study I plan to take in the future.

Immunization Requirement

Students enrolling in 6 or more credits of independent study, study group or residency courses are required to provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella and have a response to meningitis recorded per the immunization policy. Students who fail to provide the required proof of immunity will not be permitted to enroll until proof or appropriate evidence of exemption is supplied to the Office of Admissions.

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