PLA Inside Out

Prior Learning Assessment Inside Out

PLA Inside Out: An International Journal on Theory, Research and Practice in Prior Learning Assessment (PLAIO) is the first scholarly online journal entirely devoted to the recognition and assessment of prior experiential learning, edited by Nan Travers, director of the Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning (CL2), and Alan Mandell, college professor of adult learning and mentoring at SUNY Empire State College. Karen LaBarge, senior staff assistant for faculty development at SUNY Empire State College, is the associate editor.

The goal of this electronic publication is to help anchor prior learning assessment (PLA) work as central to thinking about teaching and learning, to support and recognize scholarly work in the field of prior learning assessment, to provoke new ideas and experiences in PLA practices, to provide a central repository for PLA-relevant resources, and to place PLA work in an historical context.

Prior learning assessment is known throughout the world by many different names: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Assessment of Prior Learning (APL), Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL), Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), and Prior Learning Assessment and Articulation (PLAA), to name a few. The goal of PLAIO is to address all forms of recognizing, articulating and assessing prior college-level learning, regardless of its name or its country of origin.

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