January 7, 2010

Kingsborough Community College and Empire State College Sign Pathways Transfer Agreement

Left to right, Dean Cynthia Ward, President Alan Davis, Kingsborough President Regina S. Peruggi and Reza Fakhari, Kingsborough associate provost

Left to right, Dean Cynthia Ward, President Alan Davis, Kingsborough President Regina S. Peruggi and Reza Fakhari, Kingsborough associate provost

(BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Jan. 7, 2010) In tough economic times, earning a bachelor’s degree is one way to prepare for a more competitive work environment. To ensure that students will be able to make a smooth transition from a two-year to a four-year college, President Alan R. Davis of SUNY Empire State College and President Regina S. Peruggi of Kingsborough Community College recently signed an articulation agreement.

The Pathways agreement will make it easier for community-college graduates to transfer and earn a four-year degree through a blended model of independent study, online courses and small study groups at Empire State College of the State University of New York. Kingsborough is the first City University of New York (CUNY) community college to partner with Empire State College in the Pathways program.

Within the program, Kingsborough Community College graduates may take additional credits on the Kingsborough campus while transitioning into their upper-division courses at Empire State College. For example, an ESC junior might take two Kingsborough Community College courses his or her first semester and three courses at Empire State College. By the senior year, that student will take all remaining courses at Empire State College. In total, 80 credits may be transferred in by KCC graduates in the Pathways program.

“We are delighted to establish this unique and highly beneficial linkage between Kingsborough Community College and Empire State College,” said Dr. Reza Fakhari, Associate Provost at Kingsborough. “The comprehensive transfer articulation agreement will provide our students with a road map to plan their education towards a bachelor’s degree as soon as they start at Kingsborough and transfer all their credits easily to Empire State College.”

Dean Cynthia Ward, of Empire State College’s Metropolitan Center, said, “We look forward to strengthening the collaboration with Kingsborough Community College that will enable students to effectively make the transition to bachelor’s degree completion.” The Pathways program also aims to reduce time and out-of-pocket travel expenses for students who might have, in the past, decided to commute significant distances to four-year institutions in order to complete their college educations.

Kingsborough Community College (www.Kingsborough.edu) is Brooklyn’s only community college. It is located on a 70-acre campus in Manhattan Beach, on the southern tip of Brooklyn. It serves approximately 30,000 students per year, offering a wide range of credit and noncredit courses in the liberal arts, career education and specialized programs. Its highly diverse student body represents 142 national backgrounds and 73 main languages. Kingsborough was ranked as one of the 10 top community colleges in America by The New York Times.

Empire State College offers adult learners the opportunity to earn associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the State University of New York. Students learn in individual meetings with faculty, through independent studies, in small study groups, in residencies and through online courses and degree programs. They also may earn credit for prior college-level learning from work and life experience. The college serves more than 19,000 students worldwide with multiple locations across New York state and online. For more information, visit www.esc.edu.

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