October 5, 2015

SUNY Empire Offering New Undergraduate Certificate in Manufacturing Management

Stock image for manufacturing management news releaseEmpire State College will begin to enroll students in a newly launched Undergraduate Certificate in Manufacturing Management program designed to help students learn to successfully supervise manufacturing operations, while providing expertise in a variety of areas, such as production planning, inventory management, project management and supply chain management. The first cohort will be admitted for the 2016 Spring 1 term.

Slated to be the first academic program in New York dedicated to understanding leadership as it applies to management in the manufacturing environment, the six-course, 24-credit certificate will include online and independent studies, study groups and residencies. Students’ primary mentors will arrange for the studies necessary for students to complete the certificate successfully.

The program responds to a resurgence of manufacturing across New York state, particularly in the fields of purchasing, logistics and computer products, and is designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals who seek professional growth and advancement in their career, but do not currently have a degree in manufacturing management.

Numerous employers in various manufacturing sectors were polled for their opinions about o the program's necessity and design, with manufacturers supporting the concept as addressing a real need in the industry and commenting positively on the proposed program’s objectives, substance, sequence and delivery. In addition, 192 websites of manufacturing operations were reviewed to ascertain what preparation is preferred for job candidates.

The completed certificate is fully applicable to a bachelor’s degree in the Business, Management and Economics area of study; however, it is not necessary to be enrolled in the BM&E degree program to enroll in the certificate program. Students concurrently enrolled in both the BM&E bachelor’s program and the certificate program, or who are solely enrolled in the bachelor’s program, are eligible for financial aid; those in the certificate program only, but not working toward an undergraduate degree, are not eligible.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Manufacturing Management, students will be able to demonstrate an advanced understanding of:

  • the dynamics of a manufacturing organization and how it operates within a global environment
  • global supply chains, including the impact of information technology, along with supply-chain design
  • management and leadership skills in a production-based environment
  • lean manufacturing, resource planning, plant layout, inventory controls and production planning and supervision
  • using analytical tools to improve operations modeling and evaluation of outputs
  • manufacturing strategies and principles from a preventative and predictive maintenance standpoint
  • how to translate customer demand into effective production and delivery service models.

Courses include:

  • Management Principles (4 credits, lower level, non-liberal). No prerequisite.
  • Statistics: An activity-based approach (4 credits, advanced, non-liberal). Prerequisites: Management Principles or equivalent knowledge
  • Manufacturing Management (4 credits, advanced, non-liberal) Prerequisites: Management Principles or equivalent knowledge
  • Supply Chain Management in the Global Context (4 credits, advanced, non-liberal) Prerequisites: Management Principles, upper-level standing with advanced-level critical thinking, reading, research and writing skills. Previous study or equivalent knowledge is desirable, but not mandatory.
  • Project Management (4 credits, advanced, non-liberal). Prerequisites: Ideally, course work or equivalent professional experience in management (i.e., a basic management course); Organizational Behavior is preferred.
  • Operations Management (4 credits, advanced, non-liberal). Prerequisite: An understanding of management principles and statistics through prior study or experience

For more information or to apply to this program, visit the program page.