Exercise 13: Documenting at End of Paper - MLA

Try to put these sources into appropriate MLA format for a "Works Cited" page.

Source #1

a book by Curtis Miles and Jane Rauton entitled Thinking Tools: Academic, Pesonal and Career Applications, published in 1987 by St. Martin's Press in New York.

Miles, Curtis, and Jane Rauton. Thinking Tools: Academic, Personal, and Career Applications.
Clearwater: H & H Publishing Company, Inc., 1987.

Source #2

a book edited by Sue Roe entitled Women Reading Women's Writing, published in 1987 by St. Martin's Press in New York

Roe, Sue ed. Women Reading Women's Writing, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987.

Source #3

an article by Sydney C. Walston entitled "Nontraditional Degree Program Options for Nurses: A Model Program," spanning pages 291-299 in the journal Alternative Higher Education, volume 2, number 4, Summer 1978

Walston, Sydney C. "Nontraditional Degree Program Options for Nurses: A Model Program."
Alternative Higher Education 2.4 (1978): 291-299.

Source #4

a book by N. Gordon Ray entitled H.G. Wells & Rebecca West, published in 1974 by Yale University Press in New Haven.

Ray, Gordon N. H.G. Wells & Rebecca West. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1974.

Source #5

an article by Carol Twigg accessed on the Internet and entitled "New Directions for the Electronic Classroom in the journal EDUCOM Review, volume 35, issue 5, 1995, no pages available, accessed on September 12, 1995 via gopher.cic.net

Twigg, Carol. "New Directions in the Electronic Classroom." EDUCOM Review 35.5 (1995): n. pag.
Online. Internet. 12 Sept. 1995. Available: gopher.cic.net.

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