Exercises A-D-Documenting at the End of the Paper-Turabian

To follow are some quotations (with basic source information) that might be used in a paper.

What is the correct Turabian reference note?

Statement #1

by Karen S. Uehling, "Starting Out or Starting Over," HarperCollins: New York 1993 p.13

"Incorporating your own experience into your writing for college is essential."1

This is the correct format:

___ 1Karen S. Uehling, "Starting Out or Starting Over: A Guide for Writers" (New York: HarperCollins, 1993), 13.

Statement #2

by Alfred North Whitehead The Aims of Education and Other Essays The Macmillan Company: New York 1929 p. 46.

"In its essence a liberal education is an education for thought and for aesthetic appreciation."1

This is the correct format:

1 Alfred North Whitehead, "The Aims of Education and Other Essays," (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1929), 46.

Statement #3

by George Henry Lewes "Realism in Art: Recent German Fiction" Westminster Review, 70 (1858) p. 493.

"Art always aims at the representation of Reality, i.e. of Truth, and no departure from Truth is permissible, except such as inevitably lies in the nature of the medium itself."1

This is the correct format:

1 George Henry Lewes, "Realism in Art: Recent German Fiction," Westminster Review 70 (1858): 493.

Statement #4

by Barbara Novak American Painting of the Nineteenth Century Praeger Publishers: New York 1969 pp. 207-208.

"Eakins' portraits celebrate a sympathetic bond of deep feeling between artist and sitter, in which the process but not the content of the sitter's introspection is revealed."1

This is the correct format:

1 Barbara Novak, "American Painting of the Nineteenth Century," (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1969), 207-208.

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