Agreement of Nouns/Pronouns (the Subject of the Verb) with Irregular Verbs

The singular and plural forms of certain present-tense verbs are irregular. The pronoun (subject of the verb) must agree with the verb (subject).

Irregular Verbs with Associated Pronouns

I 'am'; he,she, it 'is' We, you, they, those 'are'
I, he, she, it 'was' We, you, they, those 'were'
I 'have', he, she, it 'has' We, you, they, those 'have'
I 'do', he, she, it 'does' We, you, they, those 'do'

Examples with pronouns:

I am one of the best grammarians in the class.

He is the fastest swimmer on the team.

It is a beautiful day for gardening.

We were entertained by the clowns.

You have the right idea.

They do want to take a walk before dinner.

Examples with nouns:


  • The horse is whinnying.
  • Red is a good color for that curtain.
  • The little girl was happy.   
  • The salad has enough lettuce.
  • Those do not match these.


  • The horses are running.
  • The lights are glowing
  • Those are delicious chocolates.
  • He and she were friends for a long time.
  • They have a lot to do today.

Exercise 1: Noun-Verb Agreement

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