Course Crosswalk

The chart below indicates the Paraprofessional undergraduate course equivalents for course registration. The courses listed in the right hand columns are academically equivalent to the corresponding former Labor courses on the left. Please note any course level changes.

Former Labor Studies CoursesEquivalent Courses in the School of Undergraduate Studies
SubjectNumberTitleSubjectNumberTitleLevel Change
LABR 1080 College Art and Drawing ARTS 1082 College Art and Drawing no
LABR 3212 Art History for Paras ARTS 3212 Art History and Culture no
LABR 1132 Intro. To Biology BIOL 1002 Human Biology no
LABR 3104 Childhood Trauma CHFS 3020 Childhood Trauma: Treatment & Recovery no
LABR 3142 Family Development CHFS 2122 Intro. To Family Studies yes
LABR 3156 Child Welfare CHFS 3015 Child Welfare In the United States no
LABR 3163 Family Intervention for Paras CHFS 3030 Family Intervention no
LABR 3202 Child Behavioral Health CHFS 3127 Understanding Mental Illness in Child.& Adol no
LABR 3246 Family Diversity CHFS 3060 Multicultural Study of Child & Families no
LABR 1142 Human Communication COMM 1020 Introduction to Communication no
LABR 1068 College Writing and Research COMW 2020 Research Writing no
LABR 1197 Writing As Learning COMW 1005 College Writing no
LABR 1207 Intro to Computers CSCI 1010 Introduction to Computers no
LABR 3165 Pop Culture & Early Childhood CUST 3165 Pop Culture & Early Childhood no
LABR 1177 Intro. To Early Childhood Educ ECET 1010 Intro. To Early Childhood Educ no
LABR 3057 Children, Families & Poverty ECET 4122 Poverty & Early Learning no
LABR 1150 History of Public Ed. EDST 3030 Historical Foundation of Amer. Educ. yes
LABR 1160 Intro. To Education EDST 1005 Intro. To Teaching no
LABR 3067 Working w/Diverse Chl& Fam EDST 3020 Diversity In Education no
LABR 1182 Intro. To Special Ed. EDST 2025 Intro. To Special Ed. no
LABR 1187 Curriculum Instr./Assess EDST 3015 Curriculum Instr./Assess yes
LABR 1085 Planet Earth for Paras GEOL 1000 Earth Science no
LABR 1127 Global Civilizations HIST 1135 Global Civilizations no
LABR 1202 Women in Ancient Greece HIST 1202 Women in Ancient Greece no
LABR 1146 U.S. History for Paras HIST 2025 U.S. History to 1865 no
LABR 1075 Child & Adol. Behav HUDV 1010 Child & Adol. Development yes
LABR 1153 Introduction to Exceptional. HUDV 3065 Human Exceptionalities yes
LABR 1192 Human Development HUDV 1015 Human Development: Intro no
LABR 3197 Child & Adol. Development HUDV 3020 Child & Adol. Development: Advanced no
LABR 1165 Intro. To Human Services HUSV 2035 Intro. To Human Services no
LABR 3180 Helping & Counseling Skills HUSV 2025 Helping and Counseling Skills yes
LABR 3187 Human Servi. Ethics for Paras HUSV 4030 Human Service Ethics no
LABR 3046 Whiteness Studies INMS 3046 Whiteness Studies no
LABR 1045 Literature & Society for Paras LITR 3070 Literature and Society yes
LABR 3172 Children's Literature for Paras LITR 3010 Children's Literature: Advanced no
LABR 3192 20th Century American  Lit. LITR 3192 20th Century American Literature no
LABR 3207 American Poetry for Paras LITR 3048 American Poetry no
LABR 1100 College Math for Paras MATH 1055 Math for Elementary Teachers no
LABR 3170 The Lyric: Music Genres&Interp MUSC 3170 The Lyric:Music Genres & Interpretation no
LABR 1212 Amer. Political System POLI 3100 Amer. Political System yes
LABR 1060 Survey of Ed. Psych PSYC 2025 Educational Psych: Intro no
LABR 3204 Anxiety & Stress in the Classroom PSYC 2050 Stress & Coping yes
LABR 1090 Spanish I for Paraprofessional SPAN 1090 Spanish I no
LABR 1162 Intro. To Coll. Learning SSAE 1010 Strategies for Academic Success no

(Labor Studies to Paraprofessionals Program Course Equivalents (file 18kB))

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