Graduate Minimum Study Policy

Graduate Minimum Study Policy


School for Graduate Studies


Director of Graduate Student Services


Graduate Studies



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To define active graduate status and how a student requests to return to the School for Graduate Studies


Designee: person designated by the dean of the School for Graduate Studies to make certain administrative decisions

Inactive: not enrolled in course work


To remain active, a student must enroll for a minimum of 6 credits per calendar year. If a student is not enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits and has not been granted a leave of absence by the dean of the School for Graduate Studies, or designee, the student will be considered inactive and administratively withdrawn from the program.

If a student is administratively withdrawn, has been inactive for less than three years and wants to return to his or her program, permission can be requested in writing from the head of the program. The request should state the reason(s) for wanting to return and any explanation that can be offered about the student’s absence from the program.

If a student has been administratively withdrawn from a program and has been inactive for three years or more and wishes to return, reapplication to the college will be necessary. The student’s application will be reviewed for admission under the admission standards that are current at the time of the new application.

Students can also be administratively withdrawn for failure to pay the tuition and/or fees required by the program.

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