Use of State Vehicles Policy

Use of State Vehicles Policy


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To set the policy for the use of state-owned vehicles.



The college maintains a small fleet of vehicles for business-related activities. The responsibility for managing state-owned college vehicles rests with the vice president of administration or his/her designee. This policy supplements guidance provided for such activities as provided by the New York State Division of the Budget’s Budget Policy and Reporting Manual D-750 and other State University of New York University-wide policies and procedures.

  1. Acquisitions and Disposition of State Vehicles

    Decisions to acquire vehicles shall be made by the vice president for administration upon appropriate budgetary considerations and a determination of cost/benefit of a purchase in lieu of other options. Where appropriate and required, it is the college’s policy to purchase alternative fuel vehicles in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order 111, Section V, and all acquisitions of state vehicles shall be subject to approval by SUNY. Vehicles will be traded in or surplused in accordance with state policies.

  2. Use and Assignment of State Vehicles

    The college shall purchase (or lease) and maintain a vehicle for the exclusive and unrestricted use by the college president. The president is responsible for determining the personal use of the vehicle to determine the taxable benefit based upon IRS guidelines. The college shall provide a gas credit card and an E-ZPass associated with the vehicle for use by the president.

    A vehicle also may e available to college employees for temporary travel. Request for use of the fleet vehicle should be sent via email to the mail center supervisor at the Coordinating Center. A log will be maintained for the use of such vehicles, which shall at a minimum, list the driver, the destination and dates of travel, the specific purpose of the trip, the odometer reading and trip mileage. An E-ZPass associated with the vehicle is provided, and employees will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket fuel and service expenses. Personal use of such vehicle is prohibited.

    The college’s other vehicles are restricted for use in maintaining the facilities and mail delivery, and shall be assigned to specific individuals responsible for such duties. Personal use of such vehicles is prohibited.

  3. All use of state vehicles must meet the following state requirements and restrictions:
    • operation of state vehicles must be in full compliance with all NY state laws
    • all eligible drivers must be employees of the college and have a valid driver’s license
    • smoking is prohibited in state vehicles
    • driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol is prohibited
    • possession and/or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or other intoxication substance in the vehicle is strictly prohibited
    • use of cellular phones without a hands-free cellular phone adaptor is prohibited.
  4. Insurance and Accident Reporting

    All college state-owned vehicles are covered under a state automobile insurance policy. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Vice President for Administration to instruct the Bureau of Insurance at OGS to add the vehicle to the state’s fleet coverage upon acquisition. Accidents should be reported to the vice president for administration at 518-587-2100, ext. 2233 as soon as possible. It is also the driver’s responsibility to report (within 10  days) any accident occurring in New York state causing casualty, personal injury or damage exceeding $1,000 to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. A completed OGS MV-104 Motor Vehicle Accident Report, using Empire State College’s name and address as the agency’s vehicle owner, should be sent to:

    NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
    Accident Records Bureau
    P.O. Box 2925
    6 Empire State Plaza
    Albany, N.Y. 12220-0925

  5. Maintenance of Vehicles

    The vehicles should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The Office of Central Services will be responsible for having all vehicles serviced.

  6.  The Office of Central Services will maintain an inventory of all college state-owned vehicles.

    Approved: September 2006

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