Pre-College Study Policy

Pre-College Study Policy


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February 28, 2002 current (and original)


pre-college level, noncollege-level

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The purpose of this policy is to define pre-college study required for academic skills development for an undergraduate student, the credit total limit allowed and relationship to degree program study.


Definitions are embedded in this policy statement.


A student may enroll at the pre-college level for noncollege-level study. Pre-college work does not count toward the credit requirements for an associate or bachelor's degree. Pre-college studies help students develop the academic skills needed for successful college study. Students may enroll for no more than 16 units of pre-college study.

Pre-college studies are contracted and evaluated in the same way as college-level studies. In terms of time on task, student-mentor contact and billing, one unit of pre-college study is comparable to 1 credit of college-level study. Learning contract proposals, contracts and evaluations must specify the number of pre-college units and clearly label the study as pre-college. Students may include pre-college study in any enrollment.

Sometimes it becomes evident that a student will be unable to complete a study at the college level. By the mid-point of a study, a mentor should have enough information about a student’s work to know whether any significant changes need to be made in the study itself. Therefore, if later in a study a student has been unable to work at the college level the mentor should not submit an amendment to change the study to the pre-college level. For example, a student registered for College Writing who is unable to complete introductory-level work should receive a no credit outcome, rather than receiving credit for a study redefined as pre-college level. See learning contract amendment in the policy on learning contract study.

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