Criminal Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure

Criminal Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure


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Reviewed 04/09/2012 tav Revised on: 02/11/2011 TV; 09/08/2010; 05/20/2010 Drafted 08/04/2009


Jeanne Clery, Security, Campus Crime Statistics

Background Information:


Empire State College is required by the Federal Higher Education Act and New York State Education Law to report specific criminal incidents, occurring on or surrounding College property and facilities.


Incidents:  An incident is a crime, emergency or occurrence that is immediately dangerous to life, health, or the college as a whole that has occurred or may occur at an Empire State College location.

Incident Report:  An incident report is an official report taken by an Empire State College employee documenting information about an incident as defined above.  A police agency report may serve as an official incident report under this definition.


All college staff, faculty and students are asked to assist in making the college a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations or persons and reporting them as outlined below.

If you witness, are the victim of, or are involved in any on-campus violation of the law such as assault, robbery, theft or overt sexual behavior, local emergency police services should be called at 911 as soon as possible and the following information should be given:

Examples of Information to be given;

  • nature of the incident
  • location of the incident
  • description of the person(s) involved, injured
  • description of the property involved

In addition, the individual should immediately report the incident to the Dean (or designee) or appropriate Vice President.

Crimes or incidents of a lesser nature including, but not limited to: property crimes, larceny and vandalism, are to be immediately reported to the dean (or designee) or appropriate vice president.

If an individual notices a person(s) acting suspiciously at a coordinating center location, s/he should contact the Office of Safety and Security at 518-587-2100-ext. 2899. In all other locations, individuals should contact the dean (or designee) at the location who will determine if the police need to be contacted.

Incidents requiring medical attention should be reported to local emergency 911 officials. In addition, the individual should immediately report the incident to the dean (or designee) or appropriate vice president.

Reporting of all incidents to college officials is mandatory. Persons reporting must contact the dean (or designee), appropriate vice president, or designated College Campus Security Authority to report the incident that occurred. They in turn will contact the Office of Safety and Security (518 587-2100 ext 2899) who will conduct an investigation with the police agency taking the initial report (if applicable).

In addition, the dean (or designee) or appropriate vice president must file a written incident report with the Office of Safety and Security at

All Empire State College locations located on a SUNY college campus are required to adhere to that respective college’s emergency notification system when incidents occur.

When Empire State College employees are notified of an incident on a SUNY college campus that requires that they take action. The Office of Safety and Security at the Coordinating Center should be immediately notified by the dean or designee.

In the event of a critical incident or violent criminal act, Empire State College in conjunction and communication with local law enforcement will, in accordance with the Jeanne Cleary Act (34 CFR 668.46(e), issue a “timely warning” as directed by the Empire State College Timely Warning Policy.

Identification of College Campus Security Authorities

As required under, (34 CFR 668.46a)

  • The college must designate certain administrative personnel as “College Security Authorities”
  • The following persons are recognized as College Security Authorities
    • The Office of Safety and Security, Director/Coordinator and Assistants/Designees
    • Vice President and Assistant Vice President for Administration, affiliate Vice Presidents
    • Director of Human Resources, or designee
    • The Provost and Vice Provosts
    • Director of Student Affairs
    • Deans and Associate Deans
    • Directors, Unit Coordinators

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

This policy complies with the Jeanne Clery Act (34 CFR 668.46(e).

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