Shredding of Documents Policy

Shredding of Documents Policy


Office of Administration


Assistant Vice President for Administration or Director of Business Affairs





Effective Date:


Implementation History:

Approved: January 2004, Amended: January 2009, Amended: August 2012



Background Information:


Define the policy related to shredding documents and related employee responsibilities.



It is the responsibility of all college employees to:

  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of student, alumni, donor and employee records and information.
  • Protect against anticipated threats to the security and/or integrity of such student, alumni, donor and employee records and information.
  • Guard against unauthorized access to or use of such records or information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any student, alumni, donor or employee.

The reasons for shredding documents are:

  1. To ensure that personal information relating to students, alumni, donor and employees including social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and date of birth is safeguarded and not accessed by unauthorized individuals and
  2. To encourage the efficient recycling of all printed materials.

Shredding Guidelines for Coordinating Center Offices and Saratoga based Centers and Programs

It is important to shred all documents that contain any of this confidential information. Locked shredding containers are located in strategic locations throughout college buildings. Documents to be shredded should be place in the appropriate container and should not be left to accumulate in offices. The decision to “shred or not to shred” should be answered by the statement: if you can’t decide and it is no longer being used, shred it. As containers are filled, maintenance staff will replace with an empty bag and the filled bag will be emptied into locked bins located at 111 West Avenue. If special arrangements are required please contact the Director of Facilities at ext. 2925 . The College contracts with a bonded and insured shredding company to pick up and shred on site the locked bins on a will call basis as the larger bins are filled.

For offices that shred their own documents, the shredded material is put into the plastic bags that are included with the shredders.  When a bag is filled it must be placed next to the outgoing mail. Maintenance staff will remove the filled bags to 111 West Avenue for recycling. 
Shredding bins are for confidential information only, recycling guidelines are provided for documents that do not contain confidential information.  

Shredding Guidelines for Centers and Units

Since the Centers will have less volume of confidential information, the Dean of each center shall determine shredding guidelines for the center and units.  The purchase of an appropriate office shredder for the purpose of shredding confidential information is recommended.

Informational Reference

1. State legislation was enacted in 2000, which limits the use of student Social Security numbers by all levels of public and private educational institutions.

Education Law of the State of New York
Article I
Section 2

S 2-b.           

Use of student social security numbers restricted. No public or private elementary or secondary school or college as defined in section two of this article shall display any student’s social security number to identify such student for posting or public listing of grades, on class rosters or other lists provided to teachers, on student identification cards, in student directories or similar listings, or, unless specifically authorized or required by law, for any public identification purpose.

The development of the Student and Employee ID Card system in 2001 utilizing the Datatel ID number as the official identification number of the individual was in direct response to this requirement.

Approved: January 2004
Amended: January 2009
Amended: August 2012

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