Retention of Student Academic Records at Centers Policy

Retention of Student Academic Records at Centers Policy


Office of Academic Affairs


College Registrar





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December 1985


Admissions, Academic Records, Assessment

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This statement describes the contents of the official academic record of an ESC student which is housed in the Office of Academic Records in Saratoga Springs. In addition, this statement describes what Centers should retain and for how long and what they should discard and when.



  1. Admissions - ESC application for admission, official transcripts received from other colleges and universities, letter of admission to ESC. All documents are placed in the file after entry in the computer system.
  2. Academic Records - Original copies of all learning contracts, learning contract amendments, learning contract outcomes and contract evaluations. All documents are placed in the file after entry and verification in the computer system.
  3. Assessment - Primary documentation from the portfolio of prior learning as defined in ESC Procedures Statement "Retention and Disposal of Portfolio Contents"

The official record is retained in the Records Office until the student (a) graduates or (b) is withdrawn prior to graduation for more than eighteen months. At either time, the file is moved to the Distribution Center where it is stored for six years per SUNY regulations.

Centers retain copies of all materials included in the official record as well as copies of correspondence and memoranda concerning the student. When a student graduates or is withdrawn for more than eighteen months, centers should purge their files of all documents retained in the Coordinating Center and all routine correspondence. Before purging files of graduated or withdrawn students, the centers should check the computer system to be sure that each academic document has been received in the Records Office. If a student reenrolls, the Records Office will recreate the official file and send a copy to the Center. The Records Office also recreates the student’s file on the computer system.

Six months after the Office of College-wide Academic Review clearance has been received, Centers should ask the student to pick up his/her portfolio if desired or notify him/her that it will be discarded by a certain date. After that date, all portfolio materials may be discarded.

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