Retention of Student Financial Records at Centers Procedures


Office of Academic Affairs


College Registrar





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Implementation History:

November 1985 (original implementation), April 1996


financial records, receipts, correspondence

Background Information:


This statement describes the contents of Student Accounting Office records of an ESC student and defines what Centers should retain.



Student Accounting records contain the following:

  • Special Student Billing Forms/Non-Matriculated Registration and Billing Forms
  • Student Status Forms/Learning Contract Proposals
  • Center Receipts
  • Center Manual Student Billing
  • TAP Certificates
  • Cross Registration Forms
  • Correspondence
  • OPRA Concurrence
  • Recommendation for Graduation
  • Guaranteed Student Loan Deferrals
  • Temporary Financial Aid Deferrals
  • VESID Authorizations
  • Receipts for payments made directly to Coordinating Center
  • Disenrollment Letters
  • Waivers (SUNY, UUP, Critic Teachers)
  • Veterans Request for deferral
  • VISA/Mastercard Authorization

Student files are retained in the Student Accounting Office until the student graduates or is withdrawn for more than eighteen months and the account balance is zero. At either time, the file is moved to the Distribution Center where it is stored for six years per SUNY retention regulations. If a student reenrolls before the end of the six year period, the Student Accounting Office will recreate the student file and reconstruct prior enrollment history on the computer system.

Centers retain copies of all documents included in the Student Accounting files and Center memoranda and correspondence. When a student graduates or is withdrawn for more than eighteen months and the account balance is zero, Centers may purge their files of documents that are also retained in the Coordinating Center and of routine correspondence. Before purging files, Centers should verify that each enrollment has been entered correctly on the computer system. If a student reenrolls, the Student Accounting Office will recreate the file and send copies of documents to Centers upon request.

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