The Decision to Apply to Law School

The decision to apply to law school is as unique as the individual. Ultimately the reasons and rationale for arriving at such a decision are the culmination of an individual thought process and the circumstances surrounding it.

You may wish to consider the following sources to assist in the decision-making process:

  1. Justin A. Giordano, The Adult Student and the Decision to Apply to Law School, The Queens Bar Bulletin, February 1998 (also republished in theSuffolk Lawyer, 1998, and in All About Mentoring, Issue 12, April 1998)

    The above reference article, which is in part based on my experiences with Empire State College students, should be of particular relevance to Empire State College students considering applying to law school and embarking on a legal career as it addressed concerns they frequently raise.

  2. Dobbyn, John F., So You Want to go to Law School,West Publishing Co., 1974
  3. See the legal career resource on the menu to the left: This section provides an additional and fairly comprehensive list of suggested readings on the subject matter, and some insightful information to consider in the decision-making process.