Message from the President:

From the outset, Empire State College has been a visionary experiment. Its ambitious and prescient aim at its founding in 1971 was to make education “more relevant to the individual and more responsive to the needs of society” by creating a college that “transcends constraints of space, place, and time.”
That is a bold and rare beginning.
I am thrilled, honored, and proud to have the opportunity to lead SUNY Empire State College now, when this model is more necessary than ever. We are facing rapid changes in the workforce that demand a response from our educational institutions. I believe SUNY Empire has the answers.
We have been New York’s leader in flexible, individualized learning for nearly 50 years, offering more than 600 undergraduate and graduate courses you can take from anywhere in the world – designed and delivered by leading faculty in their fields who can meet you face to face at any of our 34 locations around New York state and beyond. We are online. We are in your community. So you can study in a way that makes sense for you, earn your degree, and move on to your next big thing.
Our world-renowned faculty and dedicated staff share a commitment to our vital mission, and are always innovating to better serve our students. From groundbreaking partnerships to help meet workforce demands to new degree programs in pressing fields like addiction studies to pioneering distance learning technology, our instructional designers are restless and relentless in improving the learning experience and better meeting the needs of our students and our communities.
The real proof is in our alumni. Talk to anyone who has earned a degree from SUNY Empire State College, and they’ll tell you a story of transformation and gratitude. A story about a midcareer renaissance, about finishing a degree that got overwhelmed by life for a few years, about finding their path forward. They are our greatest champions because they know first-hand the quality of education we deliver.
I came here because I believe education should be affordable, accessible, and effective for everyone who wants it – I believe in the mission of SUNY Empire State College. It is an honor to advance it, and to ensure that we continually strive, with ever-advancing tools and ever-changing demands, to be more relevant to the individual and more responsive to the needs of society.
Jim Malatras