Psychology and Human Development

Degree Planning Resources

Guidelines and Course Maps

Human Development Area of Study Guidelines

Human Development Area of Study Course Map (PDF 160kB)
Previous Human Development Area of Study Guidelines (for students who matriculated prior to Fall 2021)

Students that matriculated before January 1, 2020, were able to pursue a concentration in psychology. Students matriculating after that date who wish to pursue studies in psychology should consider enrolling in our B.A. in Psychology degree program.

Psychology Program Requirements

Other Resources

Degree Planning Worksheets

A.A./A.S. in Human Development Degree Planning Worksheet (PDF 211kB)

B.A./B.S. in Human Development Degree Planning Worksheet (PDF 197kB)

B.A. in Psychology Degree Planning Worksheet (PDF 152kB)

The college has a number of resources and tools to help you in your learning. Pay particular attention to writing support, support with math, academic support and study skills. Academic Support online workshops are also offered throughout the year on a wide range of topics. These resources and tools are available at the Academic Support website and in MyESC, Academic Support (login required).

The SUNY Empire State College Online Library also has many workshops and resources for students, including help with APA and MLA citation styles, and searching for and identifying scholarly sources.

Sample Degree Program Plans

Sample degree program plans illustrate the degree program format and provide examples of some different types of individualized degree programs. The degree program is divided into two columns. The column on the left lists all the courses in the concentration, while the column on the right lists all of the general learning courses. SUNY Empire State College students work closely with their faculty mentors to design their own degree programs that meet the student’s needs and goals.