Frequently Asked Questions about Residencies

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A residency is one of the four modes of study offered at SUNY Empire State College. This opportunity allows students to take courses using a blended model that combines an online or independent study component with periodic onsite meetings. The courses offered in the residency focus on a specific topic or theme and, in some cases, fulfill general education requirements

Besides the opportunity to meet in person for their course work, each residency offers a unique combination of workshops, guest speakers, films and discussions and, depending on the residency, field trips or excursions in the local community. Students also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow students and faculty.

Residencies are open to students in all areas of study and from any Empire State College location.

Students will need to determine if the courses offered at the residency fit into their degree plan program and if they are able to attend the onsite meetings. The number of required meetings, dates and locations vary among residencies.

Students can register for a residency course through the online registration process at MyESC ( The best way to find a residency course in the term guide, is to enter the subject code/course number or use the CRN# in the keyword search box.  To view the courses grouped by residency, select the title of the residency (e.g., Adirondack Environmental Studies Residency) in the attribute search box.

Yes, in addition to SUNY tuition and fees, there is a one-time residency fee that helps support the residency activities. Students receiving financial aid may use aid to pay for the residency fee.