Workshop Descriptions

The Creativity Residency is designed to examine the creative process across disciplines – art, business, community health, culture, literature, psychology, technology, and writing. The academic/experiential workshops will allow participants the opportunity to actively engage in the creative process and discover and express their creative selves.

In this workshop students will examine the visual arts, focusing on sculpture, as a process and instrument connecting the natural environment and human imagination to develop an appreciation for art as personal expression, conduit for social consciousness, and opportunity for a new esthetic based upon ecological awareness. (The Peekskill Waterfront is an example of how art can transform an unused space into a urban resource. Do take time to visit it.) 

Instructor: Mindy Kronenberg

In this workshop, we will discuss the cultural significance of Country Line Dancing, view some line dance videos, and learn a line dance.  We will analyze the significance of some of the most popular line dances and talk about why some line dances become popular and others do not.  We will study the lyrics to Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene, and learn the popular line dance to that song.  Participants in this workshop should come prepared to move.  Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes comfortable for dancing.

Instructor: Anna Bates

This workshop will explore how creativity informs every successful business.  Students will discover creative techniques to enhance organizational effectiveness by examining creativity from that first entrepreneurial spark of an idea to the role it plays in the decision-making process.  

Instructor: Linda Treinish

Join us for a brief discussion of how different cultures have employed dance as a ritual for healing, establishing community, and celebrating life events. We will discuss the evolution of dance therapy as a profession and focus on a form of dance therapy that developed on the East coast, the dance therapy of Marion Chace. We will discuss the healing elements of dance therapy, the significance of the circle, and the who, what, when, where, why and how of dance therapy. This will be followed by an opportunity to participate in a brief Chacean-informed dance therapy group. Participation can include dancing and/or being a participant observer.

Instructors: Debra Kram-Fernandez & Rosalind October-Edun

This workshop will use collaborative play, object, and narrative to explore the molecular structure of the
creativity process.

Instructor: Mara Mills

“All romance, literary and human, is founded upon enchantment.” ? Harold Bloom

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the use of enchantment (enchanters, enchanted objects) in literature, especially in Arthurian Literature of the Middle ages and today.

Instructor: Tom Brady

What makes us experience strange, often wonderful but always unexpected, feelings when viewing art; whether a painting, music concert, or embroidery on a tablecloth? How does the artist excite our imaginations to create wonder about the art and about ourselves?  And what do we bring to this interchange, what narratives, as distinct as fairy tales, dreams and memories, infuse the dialogue between ourselves and the art? These queries will guide our experience of the artworks currently at HVCCA, and hopefully increase our knowledge of pleasures and gains offered by artistic expressions

Instructor: Marianne Arieux

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.” ? Alfred Lord Tennyson 

This workshop will explore how art in the theme of love can inspire our own expressions of love to family, friends, and lovers, real or imagined.


Instructor: Stacey Gallagher

In this workshop, we will explore creating Visual Journals for health and wellbeing. Art journaling is about having a visual conversation with oneself.  It is thought to relieve stress and enhance the effectiveness of other healing treatments. We will take a brief look at the history, methods, and therapeutic uses of art based journaling. Methods range from expressive doodling, dream drawing, collage, mixed media, mask making, and simple line/color drawings. After this introduction, we will have a chance to engage in a Visual Journaling activity.  No drawing ability needed.

Instructor: Hillary Hostetler

This workshop will explore how we can use technology as more than a tool to get work done, but a way to interweave educational disciplines, create a juxtaposition of differing perspectives, and provide an area for critical and constructive thinking.

Instructor: Kimberly Roff

As adults with a lifetime of worthwhile experiences, we each have much to offer others. But it takes courage and skill to mine our experience for stories that can powerfully convey substantive meaning to others. Focused, powerful stories can change people’s minds and motivate them to take action. Our stories can truly make a difference in our world. This workshop will introduce participants to the skills of mining their experience for just these kinds of stories. We will share our stories and give feedback to each other.

Instructor: Susan McConnaughy

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