Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC), is one of nine standing committees of the SUNY Empire State College Senate.

From the college bylaws: 

"The Student Affairs Committee shall act on behalf of students in the continuing study, review, and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement in the College."

SAC has student and faculty/staff representatives from each regional center, SUNY Empire Online and the School for Graduate Studies. A student and a staff or faculty member share the responsibilities of the committee and serve as co-chairs of SAC.

 Ongoing Committees:

Special Projects (vary from year to year): 

  • SAC visibility
  • peer-to-peer program
  • honors committee
  • student engagement

Policies: SAC is consulted when changes in these policies are recommended

SAC welcomes student input regarding the committees’ agendas and/or issues of concern to SUNY Empire students.