SAC Minutes June 2010

Student Affairs Committee
Minutes - Governance Retreat

June 24, 2010 - morning session

Present: Amy Costantino, Susan Voutsinas, Anthony Falco, Danielle Dottollo, Gail Stever, Kathy Bodley, Leigh Yannuzzi, Jason Fishner, Jim McMahon, Desiree Aldonado, Tom Brady, Sylvia Chelala, Goldie Satt-Arrow, Colleen Reedy, Robert Graves, Patricia Myers

  1. Roundtable Introductions.
  2. Two new agenda items were added (a) proposal for combined graduations (b) the establishment of health care benefits for students, i.e., investigation of the establishment of a health care group in which students could enroll.
  3. The schedule for meeting for the next academic year was discussed and approved as follows: Teleconferences on:
    November 18, 2010 10 am to 11 am
    February 23, 2011 @ 5:00 pm
    May 5, 2011 @5:00 pm
    Face to face – Syracuse -- September 27, 2010, 10:00 am -2:00 pm
    Face to face – Saratoga – April 11, 2011, 10:00 am -2:00 pm
  4. Election of Co-Chairs: (a) The responsibilities of the Co-Chairs of SAC were explained. (b) there was a call for nominations. In a congenial nominating and voting process, Colleen Reedy from the Niagara Frontier Center and Anthony Falco, the student representative from Central New York were chosen to chair SAC.
  5. The position of the SAC student member on the Educational Technology Committee was discussed. Examination of a by-laws change was suggested.
  6. There was a review and description of Governance Committees. These are articulated in Article V of the College Bylaws. The Senate assembly is considering a proposal for Support Staff participation at the Senate.
  7. Student SAC representatives are customarily appointed by the Dean of a Center.

    Discussion of methods to engage students ensued, including the development of a networking reception so that students will be engaged in student activities and be more interested in the local SAC representative’s activities. The primary goal of the student SAC representative is to be a voice for student concerns.

  8. Discussion of Scholarships for Student Participation in Governance Committees ensued. Students who participate may be eligible to receive a scholarship for 4 credits (undergraduate) or 3 credits (graduate).

    The Senate passed the proposal on Student Clubs and Organizations.

  9. SAC workgroup sub committees are (A) Communications (B) Diversity (C) Newsletter (D) Poster (E) Student Engagement
    1. Communications Committee
      • Discussion of the possibility of a SAC Angel shell so that students and others can have access to the work of SAC.
      • The feasibility of ESC email addresses for students was raised (C) A virtual space for student interaction was discussed (D) Review of the SAC webpage is needed.
    2. Diversity Committee
      • Diversity should be the goal of all SAC and college events. Inclusiveness needs to be the focus of all diversity planning. It is believed that faculty is the first key to reach and discuss issues of diversity with students. Disability accommodation is central to the discussion of diversity. The goal of the committee is to achieve institutional diversity sensitivity in all areas.
    3. Newsletter Committee
      • Discussion of an electronic newsletter similar to the “Exchange” was presented. This would necessitate and electronic portal. It would allow new articles of interest to the college community to be posted on a regular basis. (At this time, there are eight available articles which would be appropriate for publication). The ultimate goal of the Newsletter subcommittee would be to have a paid student editor. There was a call for a newsletter committee.
    4. Poster Committee
      • The progress of the year’s Poster Contest was discussed. The judging committee and a call for a meeting time were put into place.
    5. Student Academic Conference Committee
      • Tom Brady reported on the upcoming StAC Conference which will be held in White Plains, NY on October 22 and 23, 2010. There is a link to the StAC website from MyESC. Recommendations about the relationship between SAC and StAC were presented. (A) SAC support of StAC needs to continue to be strong (B) A presentation of what SAC is concerned with should be aired at StAC (C) Student involvement at StAC should be discussed.
  10. New Business:
    • Proposals for collective graduations were tabled. The 40th anniversary of the college would proceed with center based graduations.
    • Open discussion regarding the availability of group health insurance for students was raised.
    • A Student Affairs survey regarding student services is commencing. The survey will contact a random sample of students.
    • Investigation of discounted computer software - including assistive technology was requested.

Respectfully submitted, Goldie Satt-Arrow

June 24, 2010 - afternoon session

  1. Call to order
    • Colleen Reedy & Anthony Falco called to order the PM meeting of SAC at 1:00pm on 6/24/2010 in Room 103 at 2 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs.
  2. New business
    1. Pat Myers from the Office of Collegewide Student Affairs explained to the committee the difference between a traditional institution’s Student Affairs office versus our newly formed Collegewide Student Affairs Office.
      • A handout was given to all present.
    2. New 24/7 counseling support pilot program for students
      • Flyers and business cards were given to all in attendance regarding a new program available for everyone at ESC (students and employees) who want or need counseling. This is a 24/7 hotline to call, which is staffed by a licensed counselor, for depression, anxiety or any other personal issues students and employees of ESC encounter through life’s ups and downs. A licensed counselor will serve on the Threat Assessment team. Long term counseling can be found through the services referrals.
      • All faculty and staff have access to the counseling program which will help in assessing difficult student situations. Metro and HVCC are currently piloting the program with Labor to be included shortly. Concerns regarding student’s behaviors and/or the need for services should be funneled through your SSP. Do not advertise this openly since there is limited availability at the moment.
    3. Paul Tucci, Interim VP for Administration and Rick Barthelmas, Asst. VP for Administration proposed a technology fee increase. Paul and Rick requested support from SAC for the fee increase. They reviewed some of the areas the fee could be used including student portals, data center, increased broadband, and discounted software. Paul noted that ESC has lowest mandatory fees in the SUNY system.
      • A lengthy SAC discussion took place and then a motion was put forward. The following motion was approved unanimously by SAC:
        “To increase the technology fee by $25 per term beginning no sooner than Spring 2011. The increase in the fee will be from $75 to $100 per term.”
        Financial aid can still be used to cover the cost of the fee.
    4. Other general SAC discussions with Paul and Rick included:
      • More discounts made available to ESC’s disability students
      • Discounted health care benefits for students.
      • Discounted gym memberships for students.
  3. Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm

Morning Minutes submitted by: Cheryl Yost

Student Affairs Committee Minutes, continued
Friday, June 25, 2010

  1. Open Discussion of Student Concerns:
    1. Career Services Needed - Students fully support the need for career services at the college and are very interested in hearing the recommendations from the task force
    2. Acronyms – need cheat sheet and reminder to faculty
    3. Request for Investigation of Student Affinity Programs
      • Verizon
      • Health
      • Internet Access
      • Disability Software
      • Software
      • Fun Activities: gym, museums
    4. Service Learning Projects
      • Students would like to the college to participate in more service learning opportunities. A great way to network with other students and give to the community while advertising the college.
    5. Service Learning in Contracts
      • Students would like to more opportunities to do service learning. There is a big movement at other institutions. Can we look into this? Pat mentioned we had just won an award in this area. More information will be shared with students.
    6. Computer Skill Workshops
    7. Health Benefits Feasibility Study (requested on 6/24 to VP for Administration)
  2. Work Groups
    • Poster – Goldie, Danielle, Pat
    • Communications – Jason, Jim, Amy, Kate Reis, Pat
    • Student Engagement – Jason, Kathy Bodley, Susan V., Pat
    • Diversity – Jim, Desiree, Anthony Falco, Baraka Corley
    • STAC – Tom Brady, Kathy Bodley, Pat

Report to Senate – June 25, 2010

Hi, I am Anthony Falco, the Student Co-Chair for the Student Affairs Committee. My co-chair is Colleen Reedy from Niagara Frontier who had to return for their weekend residency today so I have asked Danielle Dottlo to join me here this morning. SAC has planned an exciting year especially because we get to work with new College-wide Student Affairs Department – we feel like we can take on more and get more done for students!

Our initiatives this year include:

  • The Student Art Poster Project
  • A Diversity Project (as yet undefined but we are going to create something wonderful!)
  • Student Engagement Project – our goal is to get more students involved not only in SAC but across the college. We will be having center forums with students as their representatives.
  • Student Communications Project – our website, webcasting our meetings, and most exciting – Creating “The Student Voice”: The new electronic student news.
  • Student Academic Conference in October – where students will be able to present their work in individual presentations, poster presentations and an art show. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND INVOLVE YOUR STUDENTS!
  • Finally, other initiatives that we are planning on working on with the offices at the college: student health insurance, career services, affinity programs for students, and a comprehensive student affairs survey.

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