SAC Minutes March 2010

Student Affairs Committee
March 24, 2010
Face to Face Meeting
1 Union Ave, Room 215
8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order/Welcome, 8:30 a.m.
    1. Present: Francesca Cichello, Shelly Stam, Pat Myers (administrative liaison), Tom Brady, Colleen Reedy, James McMahon, Kate Reis, Lue Turner, Jason Fishner, Aili Lopez, Robert Graves, Judy Fialkowski, Baraka Corley, Laura Decker
    2. Members on conference call: Goldie Satt-Arrow, Pat Isaac, Dee Cote
  2. Student Academic Conference Focus Group
    1. Pat Myers and Tom Brady discussed the purpose of StAC
      1. Students become a learning community
      2. Can network with faculty and other students
      3. Gives students an opportunity to present
    2. Pat Myers established a focus group about ways to get students to attend, and be more involved, in the conference. Some ideas discussed were:
      1. Cost
        1. there is scholarship money available
      2. Lack of knowing about the conference
      3. Lack of advertisements
        1. use the alumni office to advertise
        2. students want paper, not e-mails
        3. make the paper an invitation (“you’re invited to…”)
        4. We need centers, faculty, deans and the president to promote and support advertise through Facebook, all centers have pages, can create an event
      4. Conflicts with the Adirondack Residency
      5. Have to take time off from work
      6. Find a less expensive hotel
      7. Confusion about what this conference is all about
      8. Should we break it up by region, or by areas of interest?
      9. Agenda and program are too broad and not relevant to some students
      10. Should we add this into learning contracts?
        1. Can we require anything that requires students to pay?
        2. Can we add it in as an option, or a choice, for students to pick?
        3. Do we build it into tuition, like we do the residencies?
      11. Students expressed a major benefit of the conference is learning and presenting about topics while interacting with and meeting other students.
      12. Pat Myers discussed the need for 125 students to attend, with 65-80 overnights, in order to meet budget
  3. Dean Robert Clougherty did a presentation on effective email communication
  4. Webcast
    1. Purpose of webcast
    2. Francesca Cichello discussed the purpose of the webcast was to increase participation and the transparency of SAC
    3. She provided an explanation of what SAC does, and how to get involved (election process)
    4. Students were encouraged to come forward and contact their Dean, SAC representative, or Pat Myers, about participation on SAC
  5. SAC Newsletter
    1. Great opportunity for students with an interest in writing, editing, or publications to get involved
    2. Desire to establish an editorial team
    3. Students should contact Shelly Stam, Francesca Cichello or Pat Myers if interested
  6. Student Poster Competition
    1. Open competition to all students
    2. Students submit original work to group of qualified judges
    3. Winners’ work is distributed college-wide and an award is presented at the StAC conference
    4. Prizes are awarded for the top three winners, and sometimes there are honorable mentions
    5. Great opportunity to showcase your artwork college-wide
  7. Recognition of Student Clubs and Organizations
    1. Proposal to recognize student groups, clubs and organizations was passed at Senate
    2. Policies and procedures are now in place
    3. All students who wish to start a club, should contact their Student Service Professional at their center
    4. Veterans and Military group is already getting organized and meeting for the first time at StAC
  8. What does it mean to be a student on SAC?
    1. Robert Graves
      1. Discussed his experience on SAC and being the representative for the Educational Technology Committee
      2. He gave the students view on issue of broadband and wireless access at other SUNY institutions
      3. He wants partnership to encourage students to use research materials and library resources at other SUNY institutions
      4. Appreciates the opportunity to be the student voice
    2. Aili Lopez
      1. Graduates in June, and would like to find someone to replace her on the committee
      2. SAC gave her a better sense of who the school works and who does what
      3. Helped speed up how things happened for her
      4. Great opportunity to advocate for other students
    3. Shelly Stam
      1. Great exposure to how the system works and it is structured
      2. Enriched her adult student experience
      3. Will stay involved as a graduate
      4. Developed welcome packet for new student SAC representatives to help orient them to the committee
      5. Stressed this committee is the student voice, and that you have a say
  9. Francesca Cichello did recognition of students graduating: Shelley Stam, Aili Lopez, Angelina Guglielmo and Lori Donahue
  10. Shelly Stam distributed draft orientation packet for review and will work with Francesca to order flash drives for all incoming members of SAC. Drives will be pre-loaded with orientation and other relevant information to help make transitions onto the committee easier.
  11. Working lunch as subcommittees met and planned for 2010-2011
  12. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Decker

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