SAC Minutes September 2010

Student Affairs Committee
September 27, 2010

In attendance:

Pat Isaac (CGP)
Jason Fishner (CGP)
Colleen Reedy (NFC)
Peter Johnson (NFC)
Anthony Falco (CNY)
Susan Voutsinas (CNY)
Jim McMahon (HVAC)
Elaine Handley (NEC)
Lou Turner (GVC)
Amy Costantino (CDL)
Danielle Dottolo (CC)
Tom Brady (HVC)
Judy G. (HVC)
Baraka Corley (LIC)
Pat Myers (Liaison)


Kathy Bodley
Angela G.
Goldie Satt-Arrow
CDL Student ?? Name??

Sub-Committee Reports

Diversity Committee (Baraka Corley, Chair; Pat Isaac, Anthon Falco, Colleen Reedy)

See attached report. The committee did not firm up next steps. They are exploring whether any diversity surveys have been done and whether to have a table at the STAC Conference.

Report Back From Working Group at Meeting:

The committee would like to ask students questions (informally) at STAC conference. They will send questions to liaison for feedback. They are formulating a plan for next year’s conference.

Communications (Jason Fishner, Chair; Kate Reis, Jim McMahon, Amy Costantino, Pat Myers)

See attached report for specifics of plan. The committee is working on web casting, ANGEL Site for SAC, College Email Addresses for SAC Members, Power Point, Electronic Newsletter and Website.

The committee would like to move forward with Elluminate Sessions instead of video streaming SAC meetings. They would also like to solve the conference call issue at face to face meetings. There is a need to involve students in the newsletter. A suggestion was made to put out a call for an intern, and club or organization.

Report Back From Working Group at Meeting:

The ANGEL site is up and people will be added soon. Amy will take care of the email addresses and the Elluminate room. The committee primarily talked about ways to engage students in the newsletter creation.

Student Engagement (Susan Voutsinas,Chair, Colleen Reedy, Peter Johnson, Kathy Bodley, Jason Fishner, Pat Myers)

See attached report for specific of plan. The committee is working on Model Materials for SAC Rep’s to have an open house, a flyer for the STAC conference, reviewing the orientation packet, and articulation of how students can become engaged.

Report Back From Working Group at Meeting:

Group worked on flyer for STAC conference and has questions for Pat.

Student Art Award (Danielle Dottolo, 2011 Chair; Lou Turner, Goldie Satt-Arrow(2010 Chair,) Pat Myers)

Committee did not meet as a group prior to the meeting. The selection of the winners took place in September and the posters are printed and were handed out at the meeting. SAC committee members decided to change the name of the subcommittee and project from “poster project” to Student Art Award.

Report Back From Working Group at Meeting:

A timeline was worked out for the entire year that included faculty engagement, advertising and completing the project by May, 2010.

Student Academic Conference (Tom Brady, Chair; Pat Myers)

There are 160 student currently registered. There are individual presentations, academic poster presentations, career development presentations, and an art show. The keynote speaker is Melba Tolliver, a notable Alumni from the Hudson Valley Center. President Alan Davis, Provost Hugh Hammett, Associate Provost Deb Amory are all planning on attending and having a role at the conference.

There was a discussion of more targeted advertising to graduate students.

Health Insurance

The Administration is looking into the project and have not yet decided a plan of action. Anthony Falco said that he was contacted by a vendor that was offering catastrophic health insurance. Pat Myers will follow up with Anthony to get the information.

Technology Fee

The fee will be going up to $100 per term in the spring.

Student Discounts

There is nothing new to report on this project yet.

Career Development

The task force is completing their work in the month of October. Recommendations are expected in late October and will be shared with the members of SAC.

Counseling Program

The program is moving along and has been well received by faculty, staff and students. One of the students at the meeting said they used the service and it was very helpful. An announcement will be made on Exchange to involve more faculty and staff from across the college.

New Business:

Jason Fishner brought up the new residency fees being charged to graduate students in the next year. The group asked Jason to investigate the rationale behind the fees. Jason recognized that the fee has not been raised in quite some time but that the dramatic increase would be difficult for students. Jason was asked to work with Pat Myers in the investigation of this.

Next Meeting:

Conference Call from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. on November 18, 2010

SE subcom-9-13-10 (file 27kB)

Communications Committee (file 27kB)

DIVERSITY Minutes 9-21-10 (file 31kB)

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