SAC Minutes April 2011

Student Affairs Committee
Face to Face Meeting
April 11, 2011 - Saratoga Springs, NY

Introductions & in attendance: Colleen Reedy, Anthony Falco, Pat Myers, Jason Fishner, Jim McMahon, Danielle Clum, Kate Colberg, Amy Constantino, Danielle Benedict

Danielle Benedict- Career Resources at ESC

  • Collection of external resources that ESC links for students.
  • Is pre-recorded via Elluminate for internal offices- admissions, SIC, and outreach/recruitment
  • Danielle may re-record for an online Elluminate session for students to visit
  • Students can search by Area of Study (AOS)
  • Online library also has resources specific to AOS
  • MyESC
    • Student Services Tab
  • Optimal resume
    • Resume, letter, and portfolio builder
    • Skills assessment and interview prep
    • Video resume
    • Website builder
    • Resume GPS
  • Smarthinking
    • Students may submit resume and cover letter for review
  • Online library resources
    • Search career databases
    • Job market and career news
    • Job hunt skills
    • Career strengths
    • Professional development
    • Work life

Danielle Clum, Editor- Student Newsletter

  • NEC student; Projected graduation 2012- Editing and Writing; Mentor- Elaine Handley
  • It is an E-newsletter now
  • ‘Did you know’ section
  • Personal voice used in newsletter
  • Link under Quick Links on MyESC
  • Always seeking new students to participate- artwork, poetry, articles, etc.
  • Students do need to sign a release statement
  • 6 articles in issue 1, current issue 13 has 12 articles- posted weekly
  • Article archives available
  • Potentially will be paying student interviewers/reporters- submit 2 articles/month for 6 months @$25/article
  • Looking for additional writers/reporters/interviewers from each center
  • Calendar for dates to remember and upcoming events
  • Students have not been emailed yet because they’re waiting until their really on their feet and up and running
  • Would like to be able to track how many views/hits they have each week/month

Jason Fishner- Intro to ANGEL

  • We have an ANGEL SAC Community Group
  • Under the Content tab there is a discussion board for the entire committee and each workgroup
  • Minutes are posted in the Main Board and the Communications group; each group can post their minutes
  • Employees can subscribe to individual discussion boards(DB) so that they get emailed when new posts are made to the DB
  • We want to do an Intro to ANGEL at Governance for new SAC members

New Business and Updates

  • Electing new SAC reps (employees and students)
    • Student reps- serve a 2 year term for their centers
    • Anthony is graduating in December 2011 so he will no longer co-chair
    • Colleen has served 2 years and will now co-chair the Student Academic Conference
    • Governance retreat is in June
    • Center elections of SAC reps is currently going on now
    • New co-chairs need to be elected for next year. Must attend Senate meetings and be an advocate for the committee
    • Student co-chair must attend the Alumni Federation Board and Senate meetings
    • Student reps are eligible for scholarships and attend online meetings throughout the year as well as 2 face to face meetings and governance retreat in June
  • Health insurance
    • Pat Myers has been working diligently on this. There are 12 companies that offer student health insurance. Pat met with the lawyer about the brokers who are working on researching the best insurance company for us. Pat is trying to get Student Activity Funds to pay the broker. Student insurance with ESC will be voluntary. Pat anticipates that the costs will go up drastically for students in the new year.
  • Discounts for students
    • Would like a website where students can look up where they can go for discounts simply by showing their IDs. Currently researching which businesses offer student discounts, and then how to advertise these discounts to student. Danielle Benedict has taken the lead on this.
  • Counseling Update
    • All students will be covered in the proposed budget for counseling program for the 2011-2012 budget year
    • Personal financial accounting is a new service that will be offered.
    • Pat is looking into what other services we might be able to provide.
  • Health and Wellness Committee
    • Has been formed
  • Retention Committee
    • Colleen Reedy, Jason Fishner, John Eisler (NEC) and more
    • Committee will be very data driven
    • 4 committees
      • Internal data
      • Literature review
      • Synthesis and analysis
      • Data collection
  • Rational fiscal plan for SUNY Tuition increase
    • Proposal in the works for small incremental increases instead of sudden, larger increases that needs to be approved with the state legislature, which continues to shoot down the proposals

Elluminate Meeting

Pat Issac, Susan Voutsina, Debbie C (BME student), Lue Turner

Communications Subcommittee

  • ANGEL updates available for employees and students
  • Newsletter updates- 13 issues thus far. Need more student involvement.
  • Elluminate- using Elluminate to have meetings where students can participate
  • Student email addresses- will not be established but perhaps at a later date if SAC keeps pushing eventually there will be student addresses

Diversity Subcommitte

  • No updates at this time

Student Engagement

  • How can we get more students involved?

Student Receptions

  • SAC has funds to provide reception money to get together and talk about what SAC does, what the issues are, how to get involved, etc. (approximately $150/center)

Student Art Award

  • Posters have been sent out to centers
  • Submissions are due May 6
  • Email blast will go to students and it’s in student newsletter this week
  • 24 submissions thus far; much more diverse this year
  • Students, alum, employees are on the committee
  • Top 3 students are invited to the StAC (all expenses paid)

Student Academic Conference

  • White Plains, NY; Oct 14-15, 2011
  • Huge turnout last year, all are encouraged to attend this year
  • Proposal forms should be on website soon
  • International student info has already gone out
  • Sophie at HVAC is involved in reception
  • Michael Mancini and Linda Hamel are co-chairs
  • Looking for panel presentations, poster presentations, individual presentation
  • Will do career developments workshops
    • StAC Logo Contest
      • Student competition
      • Pat is checking with administration about the branding of this logo and how we can work with them to keep branding consistent
  • 2012 StAC announced: will be in Buffalo, NY

Other Business

  • Lue Turner and Pat Isaac are both leaving SAC next year and moving to CUSP
  • Sue Voutsinas will be on maternity leave in the fall and Margaret Ciotoli will be replacing her temporarily.

Maureen Winney- Student Clubs and Organizations

  • Alumni and Student Relations (ASR) oversees clubs and orgs
  • Student submit an application with officer and advisor names
  • ASR sends letter of approval
  • Set up an online networking group
  • Inform them of the Student Activity Fee process
  • Must renew the club by January 1 each year
  • Current clubs
    • Student Veteran & Military Club
    • Black Males Support Club
    • Epsilon Sigma Chi Sorority & Fraternity
  • Interest expressed
    • Digital Media and Art Club
    • Environmental and Sustainability Club
    • Grants and Scholarship Club
    • Interfaith Ministry
  • Activity in the alumni student online community- only alumni and students have access; Facebook-like environment to search for and follow clubs and orgs

Tom Vambaco, Director of College Safety and Security

  • Emergency Preparedness Procedures Manual has been published and is available from the office of safety and security
  • Every employee at ESC is responsible to report incidents to the Office of Safety and Security
  • Reports can be done online anonymously
  • Safety and Security information and Annual Crime Report are on the bottom of the ESC homepage

Other Business

  • Jason asked- Student clubs renewal- why is it a paper process? And why is the renewal time in January?
    • Pat- renewal is in January because SAF fund requests are due in April so budget is due by January 1 for the following year
  • Jim- is there anywhere in the college that facilitates and textbook exchange?
    • Pat will look into this
    • Can it go on the SAC Angel page or SAC website/
    • It would drive traffic to the SAC page!
    • students can rent their textbooks
  • Jason- Student attendance is lacking on the committee- what can we do?
    • Perhaps we develop an expectation list/list of duties for students AND faculty/staff

Next meeting- phone call May 5th at 5:00 pm

Governance is Thurs, June 23 and Fri, June 24, 2011

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