SAC Minutes February 2011

Student Affairs Committee
Conference Call Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2011

In attendance: Jason Fishner (CGP), Colleen Reedy, (NFC), Peter Johnson (NFC), Barbara Rauschenbach (CNY), Lue Turner (GVC), Judy Fialkowski, (HVC), Tom Brady (HVC), Kathy Bodley, Angela Gugliemo, Amy Constantino (CDL), James McMahon (HVAC), and Pat Myers (Liaison)

Absent: Kate Colberg (NEC), Pat Isaac (CGP), Goldie Satt-Arrow (Staten Island), Anthony Falco (student co-chair)

Sub-Committee Reports

Diversity Committee - No new report at this time.

Student Engagement - No new report at this time.

Communications (Jason Fishner, Chair)

Newsletter update– Pat Myers - The new student on-line newsletter, The Student Connection, has had six issues so far. Student editor, Danielle Clum, is working hard on this. The newsletter changes almost every week and includes student profiles, student, staff and faculty written articles as well as student creative work. (

Email for students serving as SAC Reps – Pat Myers - This is moving forward, but there are a few glitches that still need to be worked out.

SAC ANGEL Group – Jason - This workgroup would like to get the committee using the SAC Angel space more often. Jason is looking into getting a notification when something new is posted.

Jason is working on Eluminate for our next face-to-face meeting. Pat will put money in her budget next year to allow for an evening meeting that allows for travel/hotel stay overnights.

Student Art Award (Lue and Pat)

The 2011 Art competition has been announced. Submissions will be taken until May 6. The winners will be invited to the Student Academic Conference in Fall 2011. (

This committee has put out several announcements through Exchange, Facebook and e-mails. Flyers will be ready by mid-March. There have been submissions already. Danielle Benedict is working with the committee on this project.

Student Academic Conference (Tom Brady)

The 2011 conference will again be in White Plains, NY at the Crowne Plaza. The date will be October 14/15, 2011. The 2011 co-chairs Linda Hamell (Hudson Valley Center) and Michael Mancini (Central New York).

New Business

Dean’s List – Amy C.

A brief discussion about this took place. It was agreed to table this discussion until the Narrative Evaluation item is decided upon.

Health Insurance – Pat Myers

This initiative is moving forward. Charley Summersell, Director of Purchasing, has been working with SUNY Administration to determine the requirements of the project. As of March 1, 2011 the college is poised to move forward to the bidding process.

Special Discounts for Students – Pat Myers

This new initiative will be started this spring. Work study students and others will begin looking into possibilities.

Graduate Residency Fee Increase – Pat Myers

Responses to all the questions about this increase were distributed to all SAC members. (See attached) [note; nothing attached]

Governance Scholarships – Pat Myers

All students who serve on governance committees are eligible for a scholarship for one study. All who applied were awarded scholarships this year. Students must show a significant involvement with the committee work.

Counseling Update – Pat Myers

The pilot project for the The Talk One 2 One program has been successful and negotiations are underway to offer this service to all students at all centers and programs for the next fiscal year. Students, faculty and staff have all utilized the service over the past 10 months.

Student Success and Retention Task Force – Pat Myers

Colleen Reedy and Jason Fishner will serve on the task force as representatives of SAC. The task force has begun its work and will submit a report to the college community in September.

Next Meeting

Face-to-Face meeting in Saratoga: April 11, 2011 from 10 am to 2 pm.

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