SAC Minutes June 2011

Student Affairs Committee
2011 Governance Retreat
June 23-24, 2011, Saratoga Springs, NY

Introductions & in attendance: Anthony Falco, Pat Myers, Jim McMahon, Danielle Clum, Kate Colberg, Amy Costantino, Danielle Benedict, Audrey Lynch, Amy McQuigge, Fredericka Connor, Kevin Woo, Kameylah Hakim, Tim Minahan, Samantha James, Tom Brady, Margaret Sithole, Daniel Ferreyra.

Pat Myers – overview of SAC and responsibilities of co-chair

SAC membership is comprised of 10 faculty or PE representatives (1 from each voting Center), and 10 student representatives (1 from each voting center with the exception of the Coordinating Center).

The Student Affairs Committee shall act on behalf of students in the continuing study, review and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement in the college.

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) meets at the annual Governance retreat. Additionally, the SAC is expected to have two face-to-face meetings (Fall and Spring), and two conference calls. Each member of SAC is expected to serve on at least on working sub-committee. The sub-committees are expected to meet at-a-distance only.

The chairs are the presiding officer of the meetings and are responsible for overall meeting management. The co-chairs, working with the liaison, are responsible for establishing a good agenda well in advance of each meeting. The chair should open the meetings on time, follow the agenda and run the meeting in a timely manner. The co-chairs serve on the College Senate and are expected to attend Senate Meetings. On the College Senate, the co-chairs share 1 vote. The co-chairs are responsible for reporting necessary information from the College Senate to SAC. The co-chairs are also expected to attend Governance Chair conference calls, these are scheduled 2 weeks and 1 day before Senate meetings. The student co-chair is expected to serve on the Alumni Federation Board, which meets 2 times a year.

Pat Myers – overview of other Governance Committees

  1. Program Planning & Budget Committee (PPBC) – discussed committees charge
  2. Academic Personnel Committee (APC) – discussed committees charge
  3. Professional Personnel Committee (PPC) – discussed committees charge
  4. Committee on Undergraduate Studies Policy (CUSP) – discussed committees charge
  5. Student Affairs Committee (SAC) – discussed committees charge
  6. Graduate Studies and Policies Committee (GSPC) – discussed committees charge
  7. Educational Technology Committee (ETC) – discussed committees charge
  8. Governance Operations and Review Committee (GORC) – discussed committees charge

Pat Myers – 2011-2012 Co-Chair Nominations and Elections

Amy Costantino self-nominated for SAC co-chair. No others came forward. Amy was elected as co-chair by SAC committee.

Tim Minahan self-nominated for SAC student co-chair. No others came forward. Tim was elected as student co-chair by SAC committee.

Setting Meeting Dates & Times

Kevin Woo suggested that scheduling for 2011-2012 meeting be done by using an online scheduling tool (Doodle), this way people will be able to consult their work, school and personal calendars before agreeing to meeting dates. The committee supported this recommendation. The co-chairs will follow-up with Janay Jackson to set-this up.

Review of Minutes from April 2011 face-to face meeting & Update from the Office of Academic Affairs

Student Newsletter update, by Danielle Clum, Editor

  • 19 issues have been published
  • Features The Student Voice (creative works by students)
  • Looking for students that are willing to commit to writing a number of articles

Student Art Competition update, by Danielle Benedict, Project Coordinator

  • Art work accepted until May 6, 2011
  • 77 pieces of art were submitted
  • Winners have been selected but not yet officially announced
  • OCSS is willing to take the lead on this project but it will be formally funded and supported by SAC.

SAC website review, by Amy Costantino

  • Charge, contact information, meeting schedule and minutes and a link to the Governance Home Page, are located here

SAC Angel site review, by Amy Costantino

  • (CDL-GRP-SAC-01-10NT) SAC Community Group
  • Located under Community Groups, on Angel Home Page (MyESC-> online courses)
  • This space is used for basic communication for SAC committee and for sub-committees of SAC
  • Under Content tab, a discussion board for each working sub-committee is set-up
  • It is expected that sub-committee reports and updates are posted here

StAC update, by Tom Brady

  • 7th StAC Conference will be held in White Plains, NY, October 14-15, 2011 – Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • September 1, 2011 deadline for presentation proposals
  • September 15, 2011 deadline for funding request
  • October 1, 2011 deadline for registration
  • StAC committee will continue to take the lead on planning this event. StAC committee will reach-out to SAC when in need of support

Health Insurance update, by Pat Myers

  • Health Insurance issue is being discussed by college lawyers and OCSS. More information to come.

Counseling Service update, by Pat Myers

  • Counseling Service was highly utilized.
  • Counseling pilot is over. OAA is working on purchasing as a permanent service. More information to come.

2011-2012 Agenda

The SAC committee decided to break up into the following working sub-committees for 2011 - 2012:

Newsletter Committee:

  • Committee Chair: Danielle Clum
    Members: Dan Ferreyra, Amy McQuigge, Amy Costantino, Kevin Woo
  • Priorities: Increase awareness of student newsletter by continuing to support the student newsletter through technological improvements and by increasing publicity and our home centers.
  • Objectives:
    1.) Support improvements through the use of new technologies (polling abilities, student commenting abilities, events calendar)
    2.) Creation of a “SAC Corner” 3.) stronger emphasis on “Student Voice”

Student Engagement Committee

  • Committee Chair: Kate Colberg
    Members: Samantha James, Kameylah Hakim, Margaret Sithole, Fredericka Connor, Anthony Falco, Amy McQuigge, Jim McMahon
  • Priorities: Determine ways to engage and support engagement at the centers and across the college (i.e. development of a Student Ambassadores program)
  • Objectives: support college-wide retention
  • Notes: replication of successful programs or events on a college-wide level

Financial Literacy Committee

  • Committee Chair: Audrey Lynch
    Members: Tim Minahan, Kate Colberg, Margaret Sithole
  • Priorities: Support the development of student personal and financial skills by identifying and sharing financial resources.
  • Objectives:
    1. Reduce stress for college body
    2. Support retention
    3. Help to prepare students to make informed decisions about personal and educational finances.
  • Notes: Tapping into financial aid resources, alumni resources, internal mentor resources and community resources. Scholarship workshops. Replication of successful programs or events on a college-wide level. The committee will work closely with Kristina Delbridge, Director of Financial Aid.

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