SAC Minutes September 2011

Student Affairs Committee
September 6, 2011

In attendance: Sandra Barkevich, Tim Minahan, Alison Damon, Vickie Pepe, Sirley Ferraro, Danielle Clum, Anthony Falco, Pat Myers, Kate Colberg, Kameylah Hakim, Kevin Woo, Samantha James, Tom Brady, Jim McMahon, Amy McQuigge, Margaret Sithole, Amy Costantino

Approval of minutes from 2011 Governance Retreat (June 23-24, 2011)

Subcommittee Updates:

Student Engagement (Kate Colberg)

  • The committee has been doing research about different events offered by various Centers across the college and has decided to move forward with an election night event.This decision was made based on the success of an election night event at the Genesee Valley Center and also based on general interest.
  • The plan is to hold the event before election night.
  • The plan is to approach an event of this nature very neutrally. Topics of discussion would include (but are not limited to) education about the election process, community involvement in elections...etc.
  • The committee has decided to treat the proposed election night event as a pilot. After the event and the success of the event has been reviewed, the committee may put forward a proposal to make this an annual event (possibly doing a larger event for the Presidential election next year).
  • Pat Myers suggested contacting MaryCaroline Powers for her feedback and suggestions for moving forward. The committee may want to consider inviting her to the next conference call.
  • Pat Myers also suggested contacting Nan Dibello to request her feedback regarding the event.
  • The committee will likely have two or three Centers host speakers for the event and broadcast the speakers, via video conferencing, to the other Centers. This will make it possible for all Centers to be involved and engaged in the discussion.

The Student Connection Newsletter (Danielle Clum)

  • Amy Costantino has submitted an article for the Newsletter. The article is a general overview about SAC and what we do. The article will be posted in next weeks edition of the Newsletter (week of September 12).
  • Danielle reminded the full committee that SAC articles are needed. She urged the committee to send in their creative work, subcommittee work, short stories, poetry...etc.
  • Vickie Pepe stated that she is interested in being a reporter for the StAC conference. She would like to do student interviews and report out on student presentations for the Newsletter, as well as Facebook. Danielle acknowledged that here is a need for this kind of coverage. Danielle will follow-up with Vickie regarding this. Additionally, Pat Myers suggested that Linda Hamell be contacted about our plans for Newsletter coverage (StAC co-chair,
  • Danielle informed the committee that she plans to feature StAC both before the conference, as well as after the conference.
    · Kameylah Hakim would like to be involved with the Newsletter committee.
  • Issue 22 of the Newsletter will be posted today (September 6, 2011).

Financial Literacy (Tim Minahan)

  • Audrey Lynch was unavailable for the call so Tim Minahan reported out on her behalf.
  • The committee has been doing research about the financial resources that are currently available to the student body. The committee has found that there are many financial resources offered by the college, the biggest challenge is getting students to understand how important financial literacy is.
  • Based on their research, the committee will determine what holes need to be filled with regards to financial literacy and will decide what types of workshops need to be provided.
  • Kristina Delbridge (Director of Financial Aid) will be presenting at the StAC conference in October. Her presentation will include tips for managing financial aid while in college, and beyond. Kristina asked if a subcommittee member would be willing to present with her, Timothy Minahan (SAC Student co-chair) agreed to do so.
  • The committee is planning a conference call with Kristina sometime this month.
  • Pat Myers suggested that the committee write some articles regarding financial resources that can be published in the Newsletter. Also, Pat suggested that the committee consider posting announcements about the financial resources that are available, in MyESC. This can be done by contacting Kathy Farrell (

StAC Conference (Tom Brady) *my apologies for leaving this off the agenda

  • The StAC Conference Panning Committee met on September 2, 2011 via conference call.
  • So far 144 students have registered for the conference.
  • The draft conference schedule has been posted on the website (
  • The committee is planning to record much of the conference, including presentations and interviews with students.
  • The committee has received 48 presentation proposals and will be meeting soon to determine which proposal will be approved, as they have received more proposals than there are time slots available.
  • Pat Myers announced that there will be a SAC info table at the conference. This is a great opportunity to get our word out and to get students involved. Pat reminded the committee that all students are eligible to serve on SAC subcommittees.
  • Pat mentioned that Amy and Tim might be doing a poster session at the StAC Conference. She also encouraged us to put together a student survey. Colleen Reedy (Staff co-chair for SAC 2010-2011) and Anthony Falco (Student co-chair for SAC 2010-2011) issued a survey about diversity issues at last years StAC Conference. Amy ad Tim will follow-up on this.
  • Pat reported that the winners of the Student Art Award have been decided and will be announced at the conference.
  • Tom announced that HVC will be holding a info session for prospective students on Saturday morning of the conference (October 15th). Tom asked that SAC committee members keep an eye out for these students, make them feel welcome and inform them about SAC (their name tags will note that they are prospective students).

Travel for October 14th face-to-face meeting and StAC Conference – Questions and Clarification (Pat)

  • Pat Myers clarified for the committee how funding will work for the October face-to-face meeting and StAC Conference:
  • Student Information
  • Funds for travel and lodging for October 13th will be covered through Governance (or the Student Activity budget (SAF). Students will be advised to submit a travel voucher to Rebecca LaValle for reimbursement.
  • Students were advised to request travel funds through the Student Academic Conference if staying for the conference. At this point in time – all funds have been used.
  • Faculty/Staff Information
  • Funds for travel and lodging for October 13th will be covered through Governance.
  • Faculty/Staff will be advised to submit a travel voucher to Janay Jakson for reimbursement.
  • Funds for lodging for October 14th may be covered through the Office of Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs has set aside funds to cover lodging for a total of two internal representatives per Center. Pat encouraged Faculty/Staff to find out who from their Centers will be attending and whether or not thy qualify as one of the two. (If two people are already attending from a Center, please contact Amy ASAP to see if there are any other options for funding available.)
  • Pat asked Tom Brady to send a list of StAC Planning committee members to the committee.
  • Pat also asked Faculty and Staff to consider giving up their rooms on site, to students, if the hotel fills up. There are other local hotels that offer rooms a similar rate.

Update on Proposed Changes to Article IV of the Bylaws (Amy)

Amy summarized the proposed changes to Article V of the ESC Bylaws, first change:

    • Membership: One member of the Assembly shall be elected by each center. One currently enrolled student representative shall be selected by each center’s Alumni Student Association, and one graduate student shall be selected by the Graduate Alumni Student Association.
    • Proposed change to state the following:
      • Membership: One member of the Assembly shall be elected by each center. One currently enrolled student representative shall be selected by the center (or appointed) by each center’s Dean, and one graduate student shall be selected by the center (or appointed) by the Dean of the School for Graduate Studies.
      • Rational Statement:
  1. The process for selecting student representatives from each center almost never happens, as it is stated in the Bylaws. The typical approach to student representative selection comes from recommendations by Mentors, Faculty and Staff and directed to the center’s Assembly SAC representative. 
  2. Changing the Bylaw to make this a charge of the Center and the Dean, rather than the Alumni Student Association, will align the Bylaws with the current practice.

Update on Proposed Changes to Article V of the Bylaws (Amy)

Amy summarized the proposed changes to Article V of the ESC Bylaws, second change:

      • Membership: One member elected from and by the personnel of each center, and one student selected by the Student Affairs Committee from its membership.
      • Proposed change to state the following:
        • Membership: One member elected from and by the personnel of each center, and one student selected by the Educational Technology Committee from committee member recommendations that are preferably based on student interest in the topic.
        • Rational Statement:
  1. The process for selecting a student representative for the Educational Technology Committee, as stated in the Bylaws, results in a loss of student center representation for the Student Affairs Committee. Without student representation from each center, the Student Affairs Committee cannot get an accurate picture of the needs and wants of a particular center.
  2. The student voice for the Education Technology Committee may be better represent by a student that is recommended by an Assembly representative for that committee. Assembly representatives for the Educational Technology Committee have a clearer understanding of the needs of that particular committee.

Amy reported that the proposed changes have been provided to GORC (Governance Operations and Review Committee) for review. GORC will follow-up when further action is required.

Health Insurance Update (Pat Myers)

    • Pat reported that OAA has been working though the legal process for 7 months and is now working with a broker.
    • The insurance companies have decided that the insurance package will not include catostrophic, and will only be available to students that are registered for 6 or more credits, are matriculated at a regional center (not CDL) and are residents of NYS.
    • There will be no cost to the institution – we will only be making the plan available to students that meet eligibility requirements. All communications will be between the student and the insurance company.
    • About 1/3 of the student population will be eligible.
    • The proposed plan will be a full health benefit plan that will cost between $120 - $130 a month.
    • Pat reminded the committee that the health care reform act will go into place next year. This may lead to a substantial increase in the cost of the plan. Students will need to be made aware of this.
    • There is talk about sending out a survey to the student body to gauge interest and need.
    • A few members of the committee expressed concerns about the exclusion on online students. Pat informed that committee that she too, is not satisfied and she has expressed this to those involved in negotiations and will continue to advocate for online students. It seems that the insurance company has concerns about retention of online students – they are viewed as a risk.
    • Pat clarified that Graduate students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements will be eligible to enroll. The rational for this is the residency requirement of the Graduate Studies Program.
    • Pat asked the committee for their feedback about this and whether we should continue to move forward with this. The committee overwhelmingly expressed that they would like to see this move forward, even if it is a small percentage of students that would be eligible.

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