SAC Minutes February 2012

Student Affairs Committee
February 6, 2012

In attendance: Sandra Barkevich, Tim Minahan, Alison Damon, Vickie Pepe, Shirley Ferraro, Danielle Clum, Pat Myers, Kate Colberg, Kameylah Hakim, Kevin Woo, Tom Brady, Jim McMahon, Amy McQuigge, Margaret Sithole, Amy Costantino, Danielle Benedict, Audrey Lynch, Samantha James

Excused: Danny Ferreyra, Katelyn Jorgensen

Approval of minutes from Oct. 14, 2011 face-to-face meeting in White Plains, N.Y.

  • Motion to approve: Tom Minihan
  • Second: Tom Brady

Subcommittee Updates

Student Engagement — Kate Colberg

  • Coordination and logistics for the collegewide election event have been taking place throughout the year via monthly conference calls. Call schedule has been set for the year.
  • Nov. 1, 2012 has been saved for the election event on the collegewide calendar and coincides with “non-traditional student’s week.”
  • The election event will include at least one main speaker and possibly a panel of speakers and will utilize the colleges’ video conferencing equipment so that all centers can participate.
  • Kamelya Hakim is working with Nan DiBello set the agenda for the event.
  • Committee is in the process of assigning logistical tasks.
  • Pat Myers suggested that the committee reach out to Timothy Cosgriff as he has hosted a legislative update event in the past that has been extremely successful.
  • It was also suggested to the committee to consider reaching out to Wayne Willis as he is hosting a study group that focuses on the Obama Presidency.
  • Kate announced that all centers have identified a point person to coordinate the event at their centers.

The Student Connection Newsletter — Danielle Clum

  • CDL student SAC representative Sandra Barkevich is now the student editor for the Student Connection Newsletter. Danielle Clum is now serving as the assistant editor.
  • The College is now contracting with students so that students can be paid for their articles. We currently have four committed student writers. LIC student SAC representative Vickie Pepe is one of the committed student writers. Committed writers will have their bios on the Newsletter homepage.
  • The fourth creative issue, “The Student Voice” was published January 23, 2012.
  • The next issue of the Newsletter will contain a profile of Tim Minahan.
  • Currently an “Article Submission Guideline” document is being drafted. This will be included on the website.
  • An auto response email is being drafted as a “bounce-back” for emails sent to
  • Committee is looking into different ways to organize archived articles.
  • Newsletter will now be published bi-weekly.

Financial Literacy — Audrey Lynch

  • Audrey Lynch reports that she has been researching the best ways to get financial literacy information out to the students. Which means of communication are most effective?
  • Audrey has found a financial literacy card game. She would like for some committee members to review the game to see if it is something that we can use.
  • The committee has been discussing the idea of partnering with local companies that offer financial literacy programs.
  • February is Financial Aid month. The Financial Aid Office will be providing financial literacy tools and resources on the website.

Health Insurance and Benefits Program — Pat Myers

  • Health Insurance program is now available.
  • Flyers, cards and literature about the program have been distributed to all centers.
  • Pat Myers reports that there has been a great deal of interest and students have been responding very positively.
  • Danielle Benedict has been fielding student emails and calls about the program.
  • Pat reminded the committee that she is still lobbying for online students.

Art Competition Report — Danielle Benedict

  • The 2012 Student Art Competition kicked off on Feb. 1.
  • Posters and announcements have gone out to each of the centers.
  • An email blast will be sent to students at a later date (TBD).
  • Pat asked the committee how they felt about allowing Alumni to be a part of the competition. A number of committee members voiced support for keeping the competition open to active students only.

SUNY Faculty Senate – Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase

  • Will be held Feb. 29, 2012. A note went out to students and instructors asking interested student to submit their proposals.
  • The committee had six students submit proposals to participate in the showcase.
  • The committee decided on two student proposals and offered some suggestions to help the students improve their posters.
  • Janine Carchidi's poster is titled "Advocacy by Design" and is creatively based and her mentor is Martha Jean Schecter. Janine is a CDL student who lives in Accord, N.Y.
  • Veronica Baiamont's poster is titled 'Developing an assessment rubric to evaluate digital and media literacy activities' and was developed for her Capstone with her mentor Nicola Martinez. Veronica is also a CDL student from Denver, Colo.
  • Both students will be attending and presenting at the symposium.

Collegewide Earth Week Clothing Drive — Audrey Lynch

  • Audrey Lynch will be holding an Earth Week Clothing Drive at the Genessee Valley Center in April. She asked the committee if they are interested in participating – it is a good way to get SAC's and ESC's names out there. Additionally, this initiative falls in line with other collegewide “green” initiatives.
  • Audrey explained that the clothing drive is one week (4/16-4/21).
  • The sponsoring organization is SUSTAINU. SUSTAINU is a clothing company focused on changing the way clothes are made (by creating 100% recycled apparel) to improve the environment.
  • Student and staff volunteers will need to collect clothing during Earth Week. In addition to collecting from their centers, students/staff are encouraged to include local businesses that they frequent. The clothing needs to be collected by the determined deadline and delivered to the volunteers’ charity of choice. During delivery, the clothing needs to be weighed. The weight of the donation then needs to be reported to Audrey, who will keep a tally for ESC donations.
  • Tom Brady, Shirley Ferraro and Amy Costantino expressed an interest in participating.
  • Anyone who is interested in participating is encouraged to contact Audrey Lynch.

Announcements, questions, comments or concerns

  • Committee will discuss “Student Emails Protocol” at our next meeting.
  • Amy will follow-up about the status of our April face-to-face meeting as soon as possible.

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