SAC Minutes October 2012

Student Affairs Committee
Oct. 12, 2012 - Adams Mark Hotel, Buffalo

In attendance: Sandra Barkevich, Danielle Benedict, Meg Benke, Joe Boudreau, Danielle Clum, Danny Ferreyra, Kameylah Hakim, Samantha James (Skype), Audrey Lynch, Jim McMahon, Amy McQuigge, Tim Minahan, Vickie Moller, Lori Mould, Pat Myers, Florence Parmelee (visitor), Kate Spaulding, Kevin Woo (Skype), Jamal A. (student), assorted HVA students


Review Agenda

  • Introductions, including sharing experiences about how ESC has impacted each of us.
  • Hand out conference programs and review conference schedule.
  • Pat Myers briefly described the purpose of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) as a place where students’ voices get heard and how center wide Student Services programs help to connect with students. She reviewed various art, health and wellness projects and how it’s important to communicate with students to get ideas and get them engaged. She also stressed how SAC is an integral part of the governance structure.
  • Tim Minahan summarized: to help meet students’ needs, make an impact on their academic and personal lives and, in the end, reduce attrition.

Committee Breakout Groups to Plan Activities for the Year


Sandra Barkevich, Vickie Moller, Danielle Clum, Amy McQuigge, Danny Ferreyra

Some ideas:

  • Rather than just college related stories expand to fun things like book or movie reviews.
  • Give students some ideas for articles/stories in addition rather pressuring them to come up with their own ideas.
  • Always keep in mind that submissions must be up to par for a professional publication.
  • Suggest that students can edit their own graded papers as submissions.
  • Draft students who have organized or attended events (i.e., “Field Reporters”) to report on them and submit photos if available.
  • Make use of Facebook and Twitter at Center events. Use share buttons for greater exposure.
  • Set up a FB page for the Newsletter as a means to announce upcoming issues/topics.
  • Include the SAC quarterly report for the Senate in the Newsletter.
  • Have a “Did you know…” type column: a way to let students ask questions and get answers from other students, faculty, staff.
  • Dual, point/counterpoint (he said – she said), side-by-side debates on a variety of topics.
  • Health and Wellness column – i.e., recipes with stories: could be called “Food for Thought.”
  • Create Links to information students might like to know more about, i.e., a financial advice column titled, “Money Talks” or similar.
  • Connect with Alumni calendar to find out about events before they happen.
  • Redesign the Newsletter under the new t-4.
  • Use Google Analytics to track spikes in hits when Newsletter posts.

Student Engagement

Present face-to-face: Jim McMahon, Kameylah Hakim
Present virtually: Samantha Jones, Kevin Woo
Visiting: Danielle Benedict, Kate Spaulding (HVAC adjunct)

  • We discussed the success of the VOTE 2012 forum. Appreciation was expressed to Kate Colberg for her role in the initial process and bringing the forum to fruition. Kameylah’s role was acknowledged as well. And we all congratulated those who worked at their centers to bring this event to students. We estimate that we had about 110 participants, including virtual attendees. The faculty speakers were very informative and questions came in from across the state and were answered by our panel members. The tech portion went off very smoothly. It was quite a learning experience for all involved.
  • We decided, of course, not to do an across the college voting forum next year as it will not be a presidential election year, but the success of the program prompted us to think of using this format for other statewide forums. Jim and Kate described the HVAC sponsored discussion group, Food for Thought, where students all read the same current news article and discuss issues surrounding it as they affect students and the community. It was suggested that we think about doing a collegewide forum along those lines.
  • We discussed possible programs/issues we’d like to work on for the upcoming year. Kevin reminded us that we have two ways to think of student engagement – across the college and in individual centers.
  • As far as one collegewide effort, we decided to move forward with planning a Student Ambassador program. We will begin discussion on what we want this program to be and how we’ll go about it in our next meeting. Another college wide effort could be the one mentioned above similar to Food for Thought.
  • For individual center student engagement, we discussed the formation of specific clubs for individual centers based on each center’s student population needs and interests. For example, HVAC has a Veteran’s Military Club and the Black Man’s Initiative group. Danielle told us that there are requirements for starting a student club that are specified in the ESC Undergraduate Catalog and clubs may request budget money. Requests are to be submitted to Maureen Winney. Danielle will work with us to get this info out to students and our committee will further discuss how we will approach working with individual centers to start clubs.

Submitted by Kameylah Hakim

Financial Literacy

Tim Minahan, Joe Boudreau, Pat Myers, Cindy Rybaltowski (subcom member but not present)

Goal: Present tools and resources to promote financial literacy among our students. Prepare or solicit at least three articles for the Newsletter.

  • Newsletter articles solicited from students, faculty, alumni, outside sources.
  • Include vetted links to articles and resources for relevant financial information.
  • Articles and/or onsitepresentations, similar to Vote 2012. Timely topics for articles and/or presentations can include but not limited to:
    • Managing Household Budgets
    • Restructuring Debt
    • How to Choose a Bank
    • Learn Your Credit Score and What it Means
    • Saving for Retirement
    • Financial Aid for College.
  • Make students aware that there is free financial counseling and tax advice now available at the Health and Wellness website.
  • Through advisors, instructors, mentors, let students know that financial strains may not always mean having to put a degree on hold.

Health and Wellness (H&W)

Lori Mould, Audrey Lynch and Pat Myers

Goal: To promote that healthy minds and bodies make healthy students!

  • Announcement: H&W Residency and retreat is in Albany, May 2013.
  • Propose presenting regional workshops twice per year.
  • Send out a survey to learn what interests students most.
  • Encourage student engagement through a more easily navigable website.
  • Let students know what’s available at the centers and CDL.
  • Sponsor healthy food/dinner events at centers.
  • Install monitors* behind center reception desks to highlight H&W tips and upcoming events.
  • *Will need to get money and content for monitors – short and long-term goals.
  • Try to sponsor one day per month for center-based activity, i.e., a club.

Discussion with Acting President Meg Benke

Dr. Benke stressed the importance of the good that SAC is doing and appreciates its efforts. It is a good source of information to the other constituencies she meets with. She welcomes SAC ideas about the college, even outside its purview.

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