SAC Minutes September 2012

Student Affairs Committee
Sept. 5, 2012

In attendance: Sandra Barkevich, Joe Boudreau, Tom Brady, Danielle Clum, Alison Damon, Kameylah Hakim, Erika Marcello, James McMahon, Amy McQuigge, Tim Minahan, Vickie Moller, Margaret Sithole, Kevin Woo and Pat Myers

Approval of minutes from March 28, 2012

Additions to the agenda

  • Pat mentioned a student request about an honors program.
    (Committee tabled this discussion until the face-to-face meeting.}
  • Sandra had a student request information about joining SAC.
    (Only a center can appoint a SAC representative, but anyone can be on our subcommittees.)

I. Purpose of the Student Affairs Committee

"The Student Affairs Committee shall act on behalf of students in the continuing study, review, and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement in the College."

II. Review of Each Subcommittee Purpose and Reports

Student Engagement — Alison Damon

Try to get students more involved. The more involved they are, the more likely they are to succeed.

  • Oct. 2 Voter Information Session
    • Insight into election process
    • Faculty will present
    • Video conferenced across the state
    • Harry Van Arsdale Center - event was written into the syllabus
    • website for this event is

The Student Connection Newsletter — Sandra Barkevich and Danielle Clum

  • Moving to t4.
  • Staff articles are coming in.
  • Student writers are still needed — had some interest but only one confirmed writer.
  • Need articles from SAC newsletter committee for SAC Corner.

Financial Literacy — Tim Minahan

Help students understand how to get finances cheap — would help with student retention and help students prepare and make informed decisions

  • Had some great ideas last year — would like to implement this year

III. Subcommittee Assignments

Engagement Committee: Kameylah Hakim – Chair, Fredericka Connor?, Alison Damon Samantha James?, Jim McMahon, Margaret Sithole, Kevin Woo

Newsletter Committee: Sandra Barkevich – Chair, Danielle Clum, Danny Ferreyra, Amy McQuigge, Vickie Moeller
(Team to provide series of articles for newsletter)

Financial Literacy Committee: Tim Minahan – Chair, Joe Boudreau, Audrey Lynch?, Pat Myers, Cindy Rybaltowski

Heath and Wellness Committee: Erika Marcello – Chair, Alison Damon, Pat Myers

Honors: The committee was tabled to face-to-face meeting.

IV. Discussion with President at October Face-to-face Meeting

  • The acting president will be at our SAC meeting. Everyone should work on their subcommittees ahead of time to come up with questions for her.
  • The student club at Van Arsdale would like to take a few minutes at our meeting to talk about what they do.

Office of Student Affairs Updates

  • Updates from Pat
    • Searching for two Health and Wellness staff - should have them in place by the end of the year
    • Working on a software program called Starfish
    • Will send alerts to students at risk of being placed on academic notice
    • Have 35 students involved in pilots of the health and wellness site
    • Will have Elluminate sessions to show students how to use the site
    • Every regional center and CDL will have info on registering to vote
  • Updates from Danielle B.
    • Art competition three winners and three runners up
    • Will be showing at the conference
    • ACT for excellence and student initiative award: ESC had a winner for the first time but unable to name the recipient as they haven’t been notified yet

New Business

  • Will table Honors discussion until October
  • Pat will send thumb drives with SAC orientation binder to all members

Next Meeting

Oct. 12, 9 a.m. to noon (includes light breakfast and lunch)
Adams Mark Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y.
(Student Academic Conference – Olmstead Room)

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