SAC Minutes April 2013

Student Affairs Committee
April 10, 2013

Present: Margaret Sithole (CNY), Audrey Lynch (GVC), Joe Boudreau (CDL),Jim McMahon (HVAC),Nadine Wedderbum (NEC)Kymn Rutigliano (SGS), Lori Mould (GVC), Kameylah Hakim (NFC), Viki Pepe (LIC),Danielle Clum (NEC), Leah Perry (LIC), Samantha James (LIC),Cyndy Rybaldtowski (CC), Jamal Arabaty (NFC), Sandra Barkevich (CDL), Danielle Benedict (OCSS), Andy Binder (OCSS), Pat Myers (OCSS)

Absent: Erika Marcello (CNY), Katelyn Jorgensen (Metro), Kevin Woo (Metro), Tom Brady (HVC), Timothy Minahan(SGS),Danny Ferreyra (HVAC)

Financial Literacy

  • The subcommittee has sent links for inclusion in the newsletter.
  • There is a SUNY-wide initiative SmartTrack – some of the pilot schools have launched some information out to their students. The financial aid award must now include graduation rate and loan default rate.
  • Looking at other school’s initiatives in the area of financial literacy
  • Preparing an article for the newsletter on the SmartTrack initiative
  • Preparing an article linking Higher One’s financial advice

Student Connection

  • Moved the newsletter to the t4 platform
  • Revamped the publication process
  • Adding a new section - the Social Corner – it will showcase less journalistic pieces and more personal types of articles
  • Added monthly feature “Desk of the Academic Support Services...“
  • Will add “The SAC Report” with a link to the meeting minutes
  • Received approval for “Share this button” to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email
  • Completed the submission guidelines for book and movie reviews
  • Putting out a call for students to do book and movie reviews
  • Adding serialized short stories – the short story will be broken up in to two or three sections
  • Requesting articles from SAC members, students, faculty and staff

Student Engagement

  • Presented a successful poster presentation at All College
  • Featured the current clubs
  • Showcased the new NFC club – ESC Cares
  • Shared research on how engagement and clubs are as important to adult students as well as traditional age students
  • Proposing how we implement a Student Ambassadors program
  • Exploring a collegewide event
  • Jim mentioned that Kamilaya did an outstanding job with the poster presentation.
  • Meg Benke – made mention of our poster presentation – and the clubs – SAC - positive about SAC

Health and Wellness Meeting

    • Registration 170 students, 100 guests: 280 – pretty close to capacity
    • 98/100 travel grants
    • Firming up the times with our presenters – total of 30 sessions
    • Give-aways: pedometers, BPA free water bottles, bags
    • Meg will address students at dinner on Friday.
    • Working on local media coverage
    • Our website –
    • Viki Moller mentioned working for a new publication that has offered to be a media sponsor. She will be bringing camera and microphone to the event. Pat Myers will work with her on this possibility.

Academic Recognition and Honors PowerPoint

Lori Mould reviewed the attached PowerPoint presentation regarding examples and research done on what other institutions have as honors programs and academic recognition. The discussion included the following points:

    • Suggested we develop a basic questionnaire that we can distribute to our faculty to see how they feel about this topic
    • Suggested that we students be allowed to wear a “cord” to show academic achievement this graduation as our military graduates do. It was felt that this would not be an easy thing to do since it would still have to do with a policy change. That there is no “shortcut” to the full shared governance process. CUSP has repeatedly said they have problems with this. Audrey has a list of their concerns – which we will share with committee.
    • It is not that we won’t move forward with presentation of the idea but it would not be possible to find a “shortcut” for this year.
    • The system awarding scholarships and what that entails should be added to the PowerPoint.
    • There are many variables to this but we definitely need to include part–time students.
    • Can we look at what other non-traditional colleges do?
    • Sandra Barkevich will explore Excelsior’s policies.
    • The subcommittee will continue work on the presentation and a plan and also will do more research. The subcommittee will present a proposal for the June meeting.

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