SAC Minutes February 2013

Student Affairs Committee
February 11, 2013

Present on the call: Nadine Wedderburn (NEC), Danielle Clum (NEC), Sandra Barkevich (CDL), Joe Boudreau (CDL),Cindy Rybaltowski (CC), Jim McMahon (HVAC), Vickie Pepe (LIC), Samantha James (LIC), Tom Brady (HVC), Margaret Sithole (CNY), Laura Jezsik, (GVC, Alternate), Lori Mould (GVC),Kameylah Hakim (NFC), Pat Myers (Liaison), Andy Binder (H & W Coordinator), Danielle Benedict (Guest, OCSS Staff)

Face-to-Face Meeting Issue

Pat stated that in our meeting at StAC, we agreed on having our next face-to-face at the Health and Wellness May affair and it is in the meeting minutes. She said that the governance secretary who sent out the All College registration did not realize we were not meeting there as we did last year. We were reminded that last year we met at All College because we did not have a Governance meeting in Saratoga. Pat said that there is money in the budget for a governance conference this year.

Pat mentioned Audrey Lunch’s concern that we would not be meeting before the Assembly meeting at All College. Pat thought that this would not be a concern because the governance committee chairs usually just refer attendees to committee reports submitted in the program.

Discussion ensued regarding having the face-to-face at All College or the Health and Wellness conference. Employees stated most would be at All College and would like to have it then. It was suggested that those unable to attend could Skype in like last meeting. Some students said they would rather have the meeting at the Health conference as they were very interested in attending that event.

It was decided that Jim would send out an email to have all members vote their preference.

Honors Committee

Lori Mould reported that their committee had reviewed the various honors offerings at other SUNY colleges and found that ESC was the only one that did not have some sort of honor recognition. They found that other schools had similar issues to Empire’s in their grading systems and with part times students, for instance, and had programs of some sort, i.e., Dean’s or President’s List or Honor’s cord at graduation. The committee is in the process of putting together a power point presentation on their findings and options that might be useful for ESC. Sandra Barkevich wanted the committee to take note that a part-time student getting an "A" should not be considered differently from a full time student getting an "A." It is her opinion that all adults students have different struggles to overcome and no one should judge the validity of grades based on part-time vs. full-time.

Laura mentioned that the committee would be open to including community service in their recognition. This led to a discussion on starting a college wide program of opportunity for students to help others in need across state, i.e., such as recent Sandy victims. This will be discussed later.

Student Engagement

Kameylah reviewed information submitted for the Senate Report recently sent out by Jim.

Student Newsletter

Besides what was in the report to the Senate, Sandra answered that question regarding whether students will get paid for having articles published in the new Social Corner of the newsletter; they will not It will be treated like the Creative Corner.

Vickie Pepe and others made a plea for committee members to approach faculty and deans at their centers to encourage them to encourage students to submit articles, creative writing, student papers, etc. to the newsletter. This is a great opportunity and motivator to students to see their names in print. Jim said we should make this a priority.

It was also decided that the SAC meeting minutes should be included in the newsletter.

Financial Literacy

Joe also referred to the Senate Meeting report. He said that he is continuing to look for articles about financial literacy from different sources to include in the newsletter. It was reported that Kristina Delbridge of Financial Aid said that the SUNY Chancellor has piloted a program at six SUNY institutions with a variety of vendors and programs to assist students in financial literacy. A decision will be made in September and implementation is expected at all SUNY schools shortly after.

Health and Wellness

Lori is soliciting members for this subcommittee.

She said that the committee got positive feedback from various deans regarding the idea of using TV monitors in reception areas to highlight aspects of health and wellness. The committee’s main focus is on the upcoming Health and Wellness conference.

Andy Binder reported that the conference is scheduled for May 16-18 at the Albany Desmond Hotel and Conference Center. The first day will have health coaches on site to assist students in making individualized plans that they will be able to use as guides for the activities of next two days. The second day will have concurrent sessions with different presentations and interactive activities. Session topics will include time management, stress management, yoga, fitness, etc. The third day will be a health fair for current students as well as prospective students and the general public. They plan to have Wi Fit challenges, other fun activities and health screenings.

There will be 100 scholarships available. Pat said Sandy Hurricane victims will receive personal invitations to the event and will be considered for scholarships. Benita Zahn, a local TV personality and health show host will be the keynote speaker on Friday.

Student Academic Conference

Danielle Benedict reported that plans are underway for the conference which will be hosted by Haryy Van Arsdale and held in Queens at the New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott Hotel. HVA students are very excited to have the opportunity to host after having such a good experience in Buffalo.

Technology Fee

Pat reported that 700 students across the college responded to a survey Rick Barthelmas sent out about increasing the technology fee. Overall, 92% agreed that the fee should be increased. The plan was for the fee to be increased every year for five years by a $25.00 per term. The college is moving forward with this plan. Pat asked if anyone had any questions or wanted to discuss the fee again. (The SAC committee had endorsed the recommendation for the plan when it was presented last year.)

Pat also mentioned that if you are receiving a lot of spam emails let her or Jim know. It seems our emails may have been targeted somehow.

Pat said that we can send up to two students to the SUNY Student Governance Assembly. We usually give the student co-chair first preference if s/he would like to attend. Pat will ask Tim if he would like to attend.

Respectfully submitted,
Kameylah Hakim

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