SAC Annual Report 2000-2001

Annual Report
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee, co-chaired by Nadia Carey and Patricia Haase, met at the All College Conference on March 30, 2000. At the Governance Retreat held July 13-14, 2000, Patricia Haase and Karen Scott were elected co-chairs for 2000-2001. The Committee met in person on Friday, October 6, 2000 at the Northeast Center and met via conference call on September 11, 2000, November 15, 2000, January 30, 2001, and February 27, 2001.

The Student Affairs Committee fulfilled its mission as stated in the College by-laws to provide continuing study, review, and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement.

In July, 2000, Empire State College welcomed our new president, Dr. Joseph B. Moore, on board. Throughout the year, the Student Affairs Committee has provided student input to Dr. Moore's strategic planning document for which he sought college-wide review and input. Additionally, the Committee was instrumental in arranging meetings between Dr. Moore and Empire State College students in order for Dr. Moore to gather student feedback on the strategic planning process during his Fall 2000 visits to Empire State College centers and units. The Committee's activities throughout 2000-2001 reflect its commitment to involving students in Empire State College activities.

Student Email Accounts

After intensive joint lobbying by both SAC and the Educational Technology Committee during the past year, full student email accounts are now available as of September 2000 to Empire State College students who may want them.

Student Affairs Committee Newsletter

In the Fall 2000, the Student Affairs Committee published and disseminated the first of three print-based issues of its newsletter to currently enrolled Empire State College students. The newsletter will keep students informed of Empire State College activities, financial aid deadlines, and will occasionally highlight student achievements.

Student Planning Guide

Barbara Clarke has taken a reassignment to revise the Student Handbook and Student Planning Guide. A SAC subcommittee was formed to look at these publications: Karen Scott, Penelope Perryman, Maureen David, and Elizabeth Maasen.

Student Participation Brochure

As one of SAC's outreach projects, the Committee has decided to publish a brochure that provides new/current students with information on how to become involved in Empire State College activities. The brochure will include information on governance committees, Alumni Student Association membership, etc. A SAF proposal will be written to fund this project; brochures will be available at each center/unit.

Role of Student Affairs Committee in Empire State College Governance

SAC has spent much of the current governance year discussing its role in the governance process at Empire State College. Questions that have been raised include how do we know what our students want and what is important to them? How can we include student input into the decision-making process at the college? How can SAC help the college keep students at the center of planning? These discussions are on-going and will continue throughout the remainder of the governance year.

Student Grievance Discipline Code

Tai Arnold is the administrative liaison between SAC and the Office of Academic Affairs. She is currently working with a small committee and consulting with the SUNY system administration to develop a draft policy to deal with nonacademic student problems. Other College groups will be consulted as the policy is developed and SAC expects to consider it later this spring. A draft of an academic grievances and appeals policy is being finalized by the same small committee, which has APLPC representation. Tai shared the draft with the President's Council on March 8, 2001 and will also send it to SAC for comment. APLPC will consider the policy during the next few months.

Alumni Career Search Guide

Another of SAC's endeavors during the past year was the publication of the Student/Alumni Career Search Guide. Student Affairs Committee member Maureen Winney obtained copyright from the University of Massachusetts and a SAF proposal will be written to fund this project. The Guide will be distributed to primary mentors at the March, 2001 All College Conference and will also be made available to students/alumni via the Empire State College Bookstore for a nominal fee ($5).

The Committee has been very busy all year and looks forward to another productive year. We wish to thank everyone throughout the Empire State College community for the assistance and advice you have provided to the Student Affairs Committee during the past year.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Haase and Karen Scott, Co-Chairs

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