SAC Annual Report 2005-2006

Annual Report
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) had a successful year with full student and faculty/staff representation on the committee. SAC held monthly conference calls, two in-person meetings (April and October) and attended the governance retreat in June. At the retreat, Anna Bates (HVC) was elected faculty/staff co-chair and Mary Refermat (CDL) was elected student co-chair. Upon the resignation of Anna Bates in November, Karen LaBarge (CDL) was elected faculty/staff co-chair. (Meeting agendas and minutes are available at Two SAC student representatives attended each of the SUNY Student Assembly Conferences in April and November. In addition, a SAC student representative is serving as a liaison with the Educational Technology Committee.

A major theme for discussion and action this year was improving communication with our students, faculty, staff and administration, as well as within SAC itself. The committee worked with administration on the communication plan for students regarding academic calendar implementation and online registration. SAC discussed the new Student Information Center and its service to college staff and students. We talked about ways in which student services staff can improve electronic communication to our students. We also discussed the need to increase member attendance on conference calls, and expand the use of the SAC discussion database. Other topics of interest included the ANGEL course management system transition, and coordination of the new June graduation ceremonies.

The committee put forth the following motions to the Senate in February. SAC will be working with college administration and centers to implement both items.

  • “SAC requests that the college administration [work with SAC to develop] procedures to recognize student organizations/clubs” (rewording suggested by Senate).
  • “SAC requests that the college create a college-wide student online community.”



The spring and fall issues of the SAC Newsletter were sent to all current students and centers. The Spring 2007 issue will be printed and mailed in April. The committee welcomes student and faculty submissions, as well as student bios at any time.

Student All College Conference

The second annual conference, “Diverse Experiences: Students as Part of the Community of Scholars,” was held on November 3-4, 2006 at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs. Student proposal submissions increased this year, and overall attendance increased to 94 students, faculty and staff. Photos from the conference were made available for future publicity. Discussion continued regarding the scholarship fund and other potential resources to support student attendance. Based on student feedback, the committee is considering changes to the concurrent sessions structure. The next conference will be held on October 19-20, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs. SAC, the Student All College Conference Committee and centers are entertaining the possibly of rotating the conference among other center locations in the future.

Students Assisting Students

The group talked about ways in which SAC student representatives can connect and communicate with each other more effectively and regularly, and assist students college-wide. They initiated discussions on recognizing and supporting student clubs and organizations, and the creation of a student web site. SAC is looking at reorganizing this subcommittee this year, as some students are graduating and leaving the group.

Web Site Review

The subcommittee reviewed the SAC web site and proposed edits to the description and invitation pages at the October in-person meeting. The suggestions were accepted, and the web site was updated by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaBarge, Faculty/Staff Co-Chair
Mary Refermat, Student Co-Chair

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