SAC Annual Report 2008-2009

Annual Report
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) has had a successful year. SAC experimented with a new call/meeting structure for the 2008-2009 governance year. While retaining the two in-person meetings (April and September) beginning with October 2008, the number of conference calls was reduced to one per term – November and February. When all SAC members are present, 22 people are on this committee and it is difficult to get work done via a conference call with such a large group. In an attempt to be more efficient/flexible, SAC members volunteered for working groups that have conference calls as necessary (these calls can easily be done via the college phone system). The working groups then report out to the committee. Additionally, calls for the entire committee are added as necessary. For example, SAC added a December call to discuss a resolution referred to it by the Senate. Minutes of SAC meetings/calls are available at

SAC student members represented the college at the SUNY Student Assembly Conferences. SAC student members are also serving as liaisons with the Educational Technology Committee and the Alumni Federation Board. SAC began this governance year with a student co-chair who unfortunately needed to resign this position but was able to remain on the committee. A new student co-chair was elected in December.

During the governance retreat, SAC identified the following action items and formed working groups. This list includes items from April and May 2008:

  • Student Code of Conduct revisions – passed by Senate in fall 2008.
  • Recognition of student clubs/orgs policy and procedures – beginning in April, a draft will go out to the centers for feedback.
  • Scholarships for students serving on governance – implemented in spring 2009.
  • Graduation procedures – HOLD – wait to hear from Academic Affairs.
  • SAC student input on Middle States Self Study – will take place in March prior to the inauguration ceremony.
  • Orientation for new student committee members – draft completed for SAC review at spring 2009 meeting.
  • Web page and discussion database updates – review of proposed changes will take place at spring 2009 meeting.
  • Poster competition – SAF funding secured, process has been drafted, this will be connected to Student Academic Conference.
  • Certificates of appreciation for student service – this began in spring 2008. Certificates will be presented at spring 2009 meeting.
  • Students Assisting Students – this item has been removed and will be replaced with a working group on SAC student reps and communication beginning in June 2009.
  • Newsletter – winter issue completed. Summer issue in progress.
  • Student Academic Conference – 2008 successful at CNY. 2009 will also be held at CNY on October 16 – 17. 2010 to be held in Hudson Valley.
  • Student recognition/honors – provided feedback to CUSP on a draft of an undergraduate honors project. SAC asked GSPC to consider graduate honors based on GPA.

As of the writing of this report, SAC has not yet held its spring face-to-face meeting where work will continue on many of these items.

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Cote, Student Co-Chair
Pat Ryan, Faculty/Staff Co-Chair

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