SAC Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee has continued to be a hard-working and productive governance group. Two face-to-face meetings were scheduled. In October 2009, the group met at the Central New York Center in Syracuse and we will hold our final bi-annual meeting on March 24 at the Saratoga Springs Coordinating Center. Two full-committee conference calls also were held. During the June 2009 governance retreat, the committee elected to form small work groups to focus on specific topics. These work groups meet independently from the committee, and each is led by an elected chair. Smaller conference calls are the preferred method for conducting work group business.

The SAC student co-chair, Shelly Stam represented Empire State College at the SUNY Student Assembly Conference and also serves on the Alumni Federation Board. The SAC student representative, Robert Graves is our liaison to the Educational Technology Committee.

During the June 2009 governance retreat, SAC identified these action items and work groups. Here is the year in review:

Official College Recognition of Student Clubs and Organizations:

SAC drafted a policy document, representatives distributed the policy to their respective centers, information and feedback was gathered, and the document was brough to the College Senate for a vote on Feb. 5, 2009. The policy was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Scholarships for Students Serving on Governance Committees:

Students who served the college as SAC representatives applied for and were awarded scholarships.


At the June 2009 governance retreat, the group resolved to make SAC more transparent to the larger college community with hopes of increasing student participation and input. A small but dedicated workgroup has made Web-casting our face-to-face meetings a reality and one hour of the March 24 meeting in Saratoga will be broadcast live online.


The diversity work group has worked systematically throughout the year to keep this topic at the forefront of our activities. A conversation was held at the Student Academic Conference and a focus group also was held at a Forum residency. The group meets regularly and, with the help and cooperation of both Pat Myers (SAC administrative liaison), and Mary Morton (college affirmative action officer), we will incorporate the theme of diversity into the larger college framework through systematic study of past climate surveys and the infusion of diversity themes into all SAC sponsored projects and events.

Orientation for New Student Affairs Committee Members:

This project is in its final stages and all materials will be presented to new members in electronic form.

Poster Competition:

The first annual Student Poster Competition was a resounding success. First, second and third place winners, as well as two honorable mentions, were determined by a committee of highly qualified judges from across the state. The 2009 winners were:

First Place: Byron Carr “Seeking the Fantastic”
Second Place: Denis McLoughlan “Round Pond”
Third Place: Karen Delano “Natural Beauty”

Winning students displayed their framed artwork at the Student Academic Conference and each student was recognized by the provost at a ceremony held during a luncheon on the final day of the conference. The winner’s work was printed on a magnificent poster that was distributed throughout the college. The 2010 - 2011 Student Activity Fee funding will be requested to continue this very successful initiative.

Certificates of Appreciation for Student Service:

Certificates will be presented at the March 2010 meeting.


This initiative will be revived when an editorial team is determined.

Student Academic Conference:

The 2010 Conference will be held in White Plains, N.Y. The co-chairs of the conference are Linda Hammel and Tom Brady, both of the Hudson Valley Center.

Student Recognition/Honors:

This initiative slowed due to the resignation of the work group chair and work will resume when the reorganization of the Office of Academic Affairs is complete.

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