SAC Annual Report 2010-2011

Annual Report
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) continues to be a hard-working and productive governance group. Two face-to-face meetings and four full-committee conference calls were held this year. In September, 2010 the group met at the Central New York Center in Syracuse and the final bi-annual meeting will be held on April 11, 2011 at the Saratoga Springs Coordinating Center. During the June 2010 governance retreat, the committee elected to form small work groups to focus on specific topics. These work groups meet independently from the committee, and each is led by an elected chair. Smaller conference calls are the preferred method for conducting work group business.

SAC student co-chair, Anthony Falco serves on the Alumni Federation Board.

During the June 2010 governance retreat, SAC identified these action items and work groups. Here is the year in review:


A survey regarding diversity was given to students at the Student Academic Conference (STAC) in October, 2010. The subcommittee is working on Diversity workshops for centers and will do a presentation at the next Student Academic Conference. The diversity work group has worked systematically throughout the year to keep this topic at the forefront of our activities. A focus group was held at various residencies that addressed the topic of diversity. The group meets regularly and, with the help and cooperation of both Pat Myers (SAC administrative liaison), and Mary Morton (College Affirmative Action Officer), we will incorporate the theme of diversity into the larger college framework through systematic study of past climate surveys and the infusion of diversity themes into all SAC sponsored projects and events.


The new student on-line newsletter, The Student Connection, was initiated this year. The newsletter is edited by a student from the Northeast Center, Danielle Clum. Ms. Clum is working with the Collegewide Student Services office as well as the Office of Communications and Governance. The newsletter will have published nine editions by the time of the All College Conference. The newsletter changes almost every week and includes student profiles, student, staff and faculty written articles as well as student creative work. (

This committee created a SAC ANGEL space for discussions, minutes, agendas and resources. All SAC members have access to the space.

Student Academic Conference:

2010 was the best attended STAC conference ever and a great success. The 2011 conference will again be in White Plains, NY. The date will be October 14/15, 2011. The 2011 co-chairs Linda Hamell (Hudson Valley Center) and Michael Mancini (Central New York).

Student Art Award:

The second annual Student Poster Competition was a resounding success. First, second and third place winners, as well as two honorable mentions, were determined by a committee of highly qualified judges from across the state. The 2010 winners were:

First Place: Alejandra Delfin “Plant an Urban Garden”
Second Place: Claudia Rocha Van Holt “Crowning Achievement”
Third Place: Daniel H. Lee “Abstract”

Winning students displayed their framed artwork at the Student Academic Conference and each student was recognized by the President at the STAC conference. The winner’s work was printed on a magnificent poster that was distributed throughout the college.

The 2011 Art competition has been announced. Submissions will be taken until May 6. The winners will be invited to the Student Academic Conference in Fall 2011. (

Student Engagement:

Flyers and information were handed out to students at the Student Academic Conference to engage students across the college in the work of the committee. Central New York and the Niagara Frontier Center hosted career nights and distributed information. SAC student representatives were on hand to network and answer questions.

Health Insurance:

The students have requested the college to investigate a health insurance program for students. Charley Summersell, Director of Purchasing, has been working with SUNY Administration to determine the requirements of the project. As of March 1, 2011 the college is poised to move forward to the bidding process.

Graduate Fee Increase:

The students requested a full disclosure from the School of Graduate Programs regarding the graduate fee increase. The result was a request from the students that a rational program for fee increases be put in place for the future.

Tech Fee Increase:

SAC was consulted on the increase in the technology fee for students. The committee unanimously agreed with the increase.

Special Discounts for Students:

Students have requested that the college investigate discount programs for students in their communities. The Office of Collegewide Student Services will be working on a statewide effort to create opportunities for students to receive discounts from a variety of vendors.

Governance Scholarships:

All students who serve on governance committees are eligible for a scholarship for one study. All who applied were awarded scholarships this year. Students must show a significant involvement with the committee work.

Counseling Update:

The pilot project for the The Talk One 2 One program has been successful and negotiations are under way to offer this service to all students at all centers and programs for the next fiscal year. Students, faculty and staff have all utilized the service over the past 10 months. SAC strongly endorses continuing with this service in the future.

Student Success and Retention Task Force:

Colleen Reedy and Jason Fishner (Graduate student) will serve on the task force as representatives of SAC. The task force has begun its work and will submit a report to the college community in September.

Respectfully submitted,

Anthony Falco –Student co-chair
Colleen Reedy – Faculty/Staff co-chair

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