Empire State College Governance Committee Seeks Student Representatives

We are looking for energetic students who want an opportunity to influence college policies, procedures and programs that impact student life at SUNY Empire State College. We invite you to be involved in the Student Affairs Committee, also known as SAC. This committee is one of five collegewide that participate in developing and reviewing policies, procedures and programs for the college at large.

Empire State College bylaws state the charge of the committee as the following:

The Student Affairs Committee shall act in behalf of students in the continuing study, review, and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement in the college.

The Student Affairs Committee comprises one elected faculty/staff representative and one student representative from each of the college centers/programs, including the Niagara Frontier Center, Genesee Valley Center, Central New York Center, Northeast Center, Hudson Valley Center, Long Island Center, Metropolitan Center, Van Arsdale Center, SUNY Empire Online, the Center for Graduate Programs and the Coordinating Center.

This is a vibrant and active committee that meets monthly either in person or via conference call. It is expected that students attend a two-day governance retreat in late June/early July, a one-day meeting in Saratoga Springs in October and a one-day meeting in Albany in April. Students are reimbursed for travel within New York state and meal expenses according to state regulations. In addition, there are one-hour conference calls in September, November, December, January, March, May and June.

Our agenda is varied and includes activities such as reviewing proposed policies and procedures, developing programs and initiatives to benefit students, developing a biannual newsletter sent to current students and responding to concerns brought to the committee by members of the student body.

In the past, the committee has reviewed and provided feedback on a grading policy for the college, an academic honesty policy, academic grievance policy and a proposed term calendar. One of our main goals for the past few years has been to increase opportunities for student recognition; that goal is achieved through the Student All College Conference.

Student participation on the committee is encouraged from all centers and units located throughout the state of New York. Student representatives and alternates are selected by either the center Alumni Student Associations or center directors. If you are interested in working with the committee, please write to SUNY Empire State College, Office of Academic Affairs, 1 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

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